What to Do When iPad or iPhone Won’t Turn On

What to Do When iPad or iPhone Won't Turn OnSmartphones are just robotic machines programmed to do specific things and help people complete different tasks. But, as every computer and robotic machine, they are not perfect. Often they have bugs and errors which cause lag, unresponsive devices etc.

If your iPad or iPhone Won’t Turn On, then probably you can boot it up again by reading this article.

What to Do When iPad or iPhone Won’t Turn On

If your device suddenly becomes unresponsive and Won’t Turn On even when you press the Power Button or other buttons, then I will show you some methods you can try to boot up your iPhone again.

Try all the above methods and if your iPad or iPhone Won’t Turn On even after you try all these methods, then probably you have some hardware problems and need to repair your device in a repair shop.

Plug It in and Wait until it is Charged

What to Do When iPad or iPhone Won't Turn OnYour Apple Device may fail to boot up if its battery is completely dead. Normally, You will see a ” Low Battery ” indicator when you try to turn on your device and it doesn’t have enough battery but when your battery is completely empty, you will see only black screen.

Connect your iPhone or iPad with a charger and let it charge for about 15 minutes before trying to turn it on. If your battery is completely empty, your device will be unresponsive even after you plug it in, so give it some minutes until you try to turn it on.

Make sure your charger is working perfectly and if you have a broken charger or cable, then replace them with another charger and cable.

This method should fix your issue if your iPhone or iPad Won’t Turn On.

Perform a Hard Reset

What to Do When iPad or iPhone Won't Turn OniPhones and iPads can suddenly freeze completely. just like any other computer and machines. If this happens to your device, all the buttons will become unresponsive and will do nothing. To fix this, you have to perform a Hard Reset.

On older devices, this was performed by removing the battery and inserting it again. But, newer devices, like iPhones and iPads don’t have a removable battery. Instead, you can use a button combination to perform a hard reset and force restart your device.

To do this on your iPhone or iPad, press both the Power and Home Buttons and Hold them down for a couple of seconds. When the Apple Logo appears on the screen, then release the buttons. Usually, the logo appears between ten to twenty seconds. After the Apple Logo appears, your iPhone or iPad will boot up normally.

If the button combination doesn’t do anything, then charge your device for a while and then attempt to do a Hard Reset again.

Restore the iOS using iTunes

What to Do When iPad or iPhone Won't Turn OnUsually, iPhones and iPads that don’t turn on when you want, have no battery left or a frozen OS. However, sometimes your device’s screen may turn on but you will see an error screen, usually a USB Cable and an iTunes Logo.

If none of the above methods didn’t work for you or your device shows iTunes Logo on the screen, then you have to Restore its Operating System using iTunes.

Usually, this happens when iOS Software on your device is damaged or corrupted.

To perform an iOS Restore using iTunes, first connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer running iTunes. You will see a message from iTunes that your device is detected. You will need to perform a restore, which will download the latest iOS Version from Apple and install it on your device.

The restore process will delete all your apps, files and data on your Apple Device, but you can recover them later from your iCloud Backup.

After you connect your device with your computer and iTunes detects it, the message will tell you that your device is in recovery mode. This happens usually when the iOS is corrupted. Press the ” Restore ” button on iTunes and wait until the iOS is downloaded from Apple’s Servers and then is installed on your device.

If none of the above methods work for your device and still your iPad or iPhone Won’t Turn On, then probably you have a hardware problem. If your device is still under warranty, take it to the Apple Store and they will fix the problem for you. Even if it is not under warranty, Apple can fix it for you but you need to pay for the repair.

This is the guide with methods to try if your iPad or iPhone Won’t Turn On.

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