What is the Other on my iPhone & How to Clear it

What is the Other on my iPhone & How to Clear Other StorageIf you use your iOS Device for multiple purposes; work, entertain etc. then it is just about time since the Storage Almost Full popup will appear on your screen. This popup warns you that your device storage is almost full and you should take action immediately.

If you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes, you will notice that in storage management bar, despite photos, music, apps, documents you will have a part of your storage consumed by data named Other.

Sometimes this “Other” data runs into several MBs and in some cases some GBs. If you own a 16GB device, then this Other Storage can be really bad. Even if you are using 32GB variant and Other consume some GBs, can be pretty problematic.

If you tried to Clear Other Storage on iPhone, iPad or iPod but without success then follow the steps below to Learn more What is the Other on my iPhone and How to Clear Other Storage.

What is the Other on my iPhone & How to Remove it

There is a lot of different data on your iOS Device. iTunes categorize them into a few categories so you can understand what is on your device.

There is media data, apps, documents and other.

What is Other on my iPhone?

If iTunes separates data into media (Photos, Music, Videos), Apps, Documents then Other is every little and big data left on your iOS Device. This includes data from Messages, Calendar, Mail, Maps, Cache, Edits etc. The list is long if I decide to write every one of data types.

A large part of this data comes from attachments, iMessage Media, and Mail App.

These data should be summed into some MBs but when they reach a few GBs, it can be a problem.

Problems coming from “Other” Data

If you have a 16Gb variant, losing a few GBs in a mysterious storage can be a big problem. Your device will run out of space, will slow down and any copy or transfer would take too long to complete.

Removing Other data on iPhone

Removing Other data can take a lot of your time and will fully be cleared after a few attempts because there are many things you will need to try to remove this data.

1. The first thing to try is to remove the cache for a lot of apps ( Safari, Messages, Mail etc. ). Try to Delete Messages Attachments, Remove your Mail Account and Add it again.

2. Delete apps that consume a lot of the cache and then reinstall them again.

3. If still you have a lot of Other storage left, then I recommend you to do a backup with iTunes and then Restore your iPhone. ( This is the best method to Clear Other Data on iPhone ). This method will clear most of Other data.

Note : The Other Data cannot be fully removed. Even if you try to remove all this storage, there will be some MBs left. Your Device stores its important data on Other.

This is the guide ” What is the Other on my iPhone ” & ” How to Remove Other Data on iPhone “.

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