What is Cydia & Why you should install Cydia

Every iPhone, iPod, iPad or any other iOS device user may have heard often terms like Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Cydia etc. Many of us don’t know what these things are or what they do. I will try to explain as short and as good as possible what these terms are and the importance of Cydia.

What is Cydia?

Cydia is a third-party installer application for all the iDevices. It is developed by Jay Freeman ( Saurik ) and is similar to the Apple App Store but it brings apps and tweaks that are not available in App Store, which can be downloaded for free or for a small charge.

Why should we install Cydia when we have App Store?

It’s simple. Because Cydia offers tweaks, apps, games, themes which are not available in official Apple Store or can not be approved by Apple. So, those apps and tweaks can be found only in Cydia but not at the App Store.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking is the process of modifying iOS and gets root access to perform many actions and remove all restriction imposed by Apple. To install Cydia, jailbreaking is a must. In another word, jailbreaking is hacking iOS.

Jailbreaking can be divided into three subpart, which we have discussed below.

  1. Tethered Jailbreak – requires you to plug in the iDevice into the computer every time the device reboots.
  2. Untethered Jailbreak – allows you to reboot without any barrier. Basically its the best type of jailbreak because you can reboot anytime you want.
  3. Semi-tethered Jailbreak – allows you to reboot without any issues, but some of the downloaded jailbreak apps are not accessible.However, full access is available again once connected to the computer.

Is Cydia safe?

Cydia it’s not 100% safe. This means that you can install malware apps, mostly by some untrusted repos. So, if you install only tweaks by trusted repos such as: BigBoss, ModMyi etc, you won’t have any problems. And if you get a malware the worst thing is that you have to format and reset you iDevice to factory settings.

Also, take care of compatibility issues with tweaks. Every time read version compatibility for every tweak you try to install. Even if your device crash, Cydia automatically boots to Safe Mode where you can uninstall the tweak which cause the issue.

What are Cydia repositories (Repos)?

Repo is an online hub where the developers release and store their tweaks for quick access and installation. Most popular repos are BigBoss and ModMyi and most of released tweaks are in these two repositories.

Down below you have a list of best Repos for Cydia:

Can Cydia Be installed without jailbreaking?

No ! If anyone says that he can install Cydia without jailbreaking in your iDevice then either he is a fool or is trying to scam you.

I hope this post will help you answering some questions about Cydia and jailbreaking.

If you need any Cydia help, don’t hesitate to ask down below, in the comments section.

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  1. How can I know which jailbreak app I have to install for ios 9.2 jailbreak and how can exactly I know or check whether ios 9.2 jailbreak is possible or not right now from where I got exact information

    • There is not a jailbreak available for iOS 9.2 for the moment.
      When the new jailbreak is released, I will update the site asap with the new Jailbreak Tool for iOS 9.2 and how you can do it.

      Thank You!

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