What is AppSync, Why do i need it & How to install it ? iOS 8 & iOS 9


If you are planning to jailbreak or already have jailbroken your iOS device, than you want to get different tweaks with Cydia or install cracked apps to your device. To install cracked apps, you will need to install first AppSync for iOS 8. If you don’t know what is appsync, why do you need it or how to install it in ios 8 , than i invite you to read this article.

1. What is AppSync ?

AppSync is some kind of software for iOS devices, which gives ios cracked apps, access to be installed and sign them without apple control protocols, so you can play them freely in your device.

If you are a bit confused and what a simple explanation, than just think appsync as a kind of superhero, who removes apple barriers and lets you install cracked apps and games and run them in your device. Apple is very strict when you try to install apps outside appstore. They don’t let you install any kind of apps without their permission. So Appsync removes these permissions.

2. Why do i need AppSync ?

AppSync, as we mentioned at above paragraph, removes Apple permissions. So if you need to install cracked apps, get free games outside Apple AppStore, than you need it. If you have already jailbreak your device, than you will notice that Appsync is some part of jailbreak life. I would like to tell you that Cydia runs without any problem if appsync is not installed. You still can install a lot of tweaks and apps from cydia and run them without any problem in your device, but if you want to install cracked apps from third-party store , than appsync is a must. If you have downloaded a .ipa file ( extension for ios files ) and can’t make it work, than maybe appsync is your problem.

3. Where to get it & How to install AppSync ?

If you want to get AppSync, than this shouldn’t be a problem for you. If you are in iOS 7 or iOS 8, it doesn’t matter. The same procedure is followed.

Go to Cydia and in Search Bar type Appsync.  ( How to use Cydia )

When you type Appsync at search bar there will be plenty of results from different repos. You should install something like this : 



The results will be for different ios versions. Choose and install Appsync for your iOS Version. After you install it, reboot your device and you are ready to go.

Appsync, Cydia and Jailbreak are free tools provided to jailbreak community. It will not cost you any money to install or to download these tools.

Thank you for reading this article. If you have any problem or want to ask a question, than don’t be afraid. Write it at comment section, down below. I will answer it as soon as i see it.

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