View & Dial Recent Calls on Notification Center With This Cydia Tweak

View & Dial Recent Calls on Notification Center With This Cydia TweakWhen Apple released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+, they introduced their latest operating system version, called iOS 8.

iOS 8 has a lot of new features and new options compared with iOS 7. They added new features to the messages app, calls app, control center and a lot more.

Notification Center also has new features on iOS 8. Now, Notification Center has only two tabs instead of three, Today and Notifications Tabs, to be specific. They removed the Missed Tab and added the ability to add new widgets on Notification Center. Widgets can be downloaded from App Store and Different Apps who support widgets.

Even the widgets finally came to iOS, Apple still doesn’t allow advanced widgets to its operating system. So, if you want to add specific actions or apps to be available as a widget, Apple doesn’t allow you.

There are plenty Cydia Tweaks, who add different apps or set a specific action as w widget.

In this post, I am going to show you How to View Recent Calls on Notification Center.

View Recent Calls on Notification Center

Recents is a new Cydia Tweak which adds the Recent Calls section from your Phone App to your iOS Device Notification Center.

It is very useful tweak because it works with all iOS Devices running iOS 8. It also works perfectly with iPod Touch for Facetime Calls.

To install this tweak, you have to jailbreak your device. If you haven’t done it yet, then read my previous posts :

After you jailbreak your device, launch Cydia, go to Search Tab and search for ” Recents “. It is available for free, but it isn’t permanent. You only get a Free Trial and after that you have to buy the tweak for $1.49.

After you install this tweak, you can decide to Buy it Directly or Test it with its Free Trial.

If you want to buy it directly after installation, swipe down the notification center and tap on ” Buy Now ” button found there.

This tweak adds a third tab on Notification Center, named ” Recents ” and lets you make calls directly from your Notification Center even when your device is locked.

It lets you view incoming, outgoing and missed calls very easily and you can also delete individual calls or all calls.

If you have other Notification Center Tweaks installed, don’t worry because Recents works with most of them. You can install as many Notification Tweaks as you want and all of them will be fully working with Recents.

There is also a Preference Panel on Settings App where you can configure your options for this tweak.

I think this is a very useful tweak for those who make a lot of calls with their phone. It is easy to use, has a simple interface and is compatible with all devices running iOS 8.

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