VideoPane, Watch Videos while using other Apps on iOS

VideoPane, Watch Videos while using other Apps on iOSApple and Samsung have been “fighting” for the first place on the mobile market for a couple of years. No one can tell which company has the best smartphones. Both have almost the same sales number and their devices are full of features and very popular.

Samsung with Android OS allows you to customize your device more than Apple’s iOS. When Samsung released Galaxy S3 before some years, they included some killer features on their device. One of these features was the ability to use other apps while you watch a video. This brought the true multitasking on smartphones market. Apple still hasn’t integrated this feature on their devices, even it is a very useful feature.

If you jailbreak your Apple Device, you can customize and add new features to it. If you have jailbreak on your device and want to get the true multitasking feature on iOS, then I recommend you to read this post.

If you still want true multitasking on your iOS Device but haven’t jailbreak your device, then read my previous post to learn how to do it :

How to Watch a Video while using other Apps on iOS with VideoPane

VideoPane is a Cydia Tweak, which allows you to watch a video while using other apps on your iOS Device. This tweak allows you to detach the playing video from its app and to watch it on your iOS Device Springboard while surfing the web or doing something else.

VideoPane is developed by the famous Ryan Petrich and works perfectly with all popular video streaming apps, such is YouTube, Netflix etc.

VideoPane is available in BigBoss Repo on Cydia, for $1.99 but if you want to get it for free from a cracked repo, read these guides :

Open Cydia, go to Search Tab and search for VideoPane. After you install it, it is ready to use. You don’t have to configure anything or similar things.VideoPane, Watch Videos while using other Apps on iOS

When you open a video streaming app, YouTube for example, and hit ” Play ” on a video, after the video is loaded, a popup appear asking you if you want to detach the video or continue playing into the app. If you press ” Detach “, the video will appear on your springboard and you can use other apps while the video still plays in the corner.VideoPane, Watch Videos while using other Apps on iOS

You can move the video window to help you reach different parts of your screen. You can also double tap the video window to make it fully transparent and read the text under the video pane.

You can set different Activator Gestures to work with VideoPane.

I think VideoPane is a very useful Cydia Tweak and if you really want multitasking on iOS, then you must install this tweak.

VideoPane is available for $1.99 on BigBoss Repo, but you can get it for free from Cracked Repos.

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