Unlock your Device with Current Time as Passcode

Unlock your Device with Current Time as PasscodeFirst, our phones were used for calling and texting but over time, the technology involved on a single phone device, made us start using them for a couple of hours, doing different things.

We can store photos, videos, different apps, credit card data and other important information.

The developing of smartphones and usage of them as a storage for important data brought us another risk on our life.

If we lose our phone, our data are in danger because someone may access them.

For that reason, we protect our device with a Passcode and iCloud.

Apart from iCloud, Passcode is another security we set to our phones.

The passcode is just a 4-digit code, chosen by us to enter on the lock screen to unlock our device.

I am going to show you How to Unlock your Device Using Current Time as a Passcode.

Unlock your Device with Current Time as a Passcode

This is made possible by a Cydia Tweak called ” TimeCode “.

To install this tweak, you have to jailbreak your device. If you don’t know how to jailbreak your iOS device, then read my previous posts :

After you jailbreak your device, launch Cydia, go to Search Tab and search for a tweak called ” TimeCode “. It is available for free on BigBoss Repo.

After you install this tweak, head over your device Settings App and then TimeCode Preference panel to enable this tweak.Unlock your Device with Current Time as Passcode

Also, you need to enter your current passcode on ” Passcode Field ” to make this tweak work.

This tweak allows you to have a dynamic passcode on your iOS Device, which means the passcode you use to unlock your device changes every time you unlock your device.

TimeCode uses the current device time as a passcode. So if the clock is 19:19 at the moment you are unlocking your device then your passcode will be 1919, if its 23:00 then the passcode would be 2300.

This tweak adds more security to your device then a single passcode does.

A cool feature of this tweak allows users to set an offset number.

Go to Settings Page and if you enable the offset number option, then the tweak will take the current time, add the offset number to it and make it your unlocking passcode. For example, if the time is 09:00 and you have entered 5 as your offset number, then the passcode would be 09:05.

So, TimeCode is a very Cool Cydia Tweak you can install on your device. If you want to add a higher security level on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and a cool way to unlock your device, then you should install this tweak.

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