Unable to Download Item on iPhone : How to Fix It

Unable to Download Item on iPhone : How to Fix It While you use your iOS Device, listen to music, take a picture or record a video, you don’t want to be interrupted. It can be very annoying when suddenly a random pop-up appears on your device screen and interrupt your work or video recording. Every smartphone user must have experienced this annoying situation.

Even iOS is reported as a very stable mobile operating system, with the least crashing and stuck situations, it still has some disadvantages and bugs. Apple keeps fixing bugs with every system update, but still new bugs appear every time.

Different iPhone users have experienced a strange situation. It can be called an error as different users have experienced a pop-up with the message ” Unable to Download Item. Please try again later. ” on the screen. What is more interesting is that the pop-up doesn’t appear during any download or upload process. It appears randomly while you use your device.

If this pop-up appear while you have tried to download or upload something before then check your internet connection or try to restart the download. You can tap on ” Retry ” option and iPhone will automatically try to do the download or upload process again.

But if you see ” Unable to Download Item ” randomly on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then read the possible solution provided below.

How to Fix Unable to Download Item on iPhone

This solution can work with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Follow the steps below for more info.

Step 1 :¬†Unlock your Device and swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open iPhone’s Control Center. Press the Airplane Mode toggle to enable it.¬†Unable to Download Item on iPhone : How to Fix It

Step 2 : After you enable Airplane Mode, tap on ” Done ” option to get rid of this error.

Step 3 : Wait about 15 seconds and after that disable Airplane Mode by swiping again up from the bottom of the screen and pressing its toggle.Unable to Download Item on iPhone : How to Fix It

That’s it ! Its is just a simple solution that should be enough to dismiss this error and never experience this annoying pop-up again.

Also, there are other solutions listed on different blogs that are proved to fix this.

Some experts connect this problem with iTunes Match, iBooks or the iOS Automatic Update feature that automatically downloads apps, music, and media. There are reports that even if you turn off Automatic Updates, the pop-up still appears.

This are the possible solutions for Unable to Download Item on iPhone Pop-up Message.

If you have found any other working solution for this error, share with us in the comments down below.

Also, if you experience any problem or have any question, write it in the comments section down below.

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