Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 JailbreakTaiG Hacker Group have just released iOS 8.4 Jailbreak. If you haven’t already jailbroken your device, click the articles below to learn how to do it :

After you jailbreak your device, you can use Cydia to install different tweaks which can customize your device’s User Interface, Function, Settings etc.

Each tweak is uploaded to a Cydia Repo/Source by its developer and after that, every user with a jailbroken iOS Device can install the tweak by accessing the repo.

The default Cydia Repos hold a lot of tweaks and most of the tweaks are uploaded to these Repos, but sometimes you have to add new repo/source to access certain tweaks.

So, in this post, I am going to show you Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 Jailbreak.

Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 Jailbreak

Down below, I will list 10 Best Cydia Repos for iOS 8.4. If you don’t know how to add a new repo/source in Cydia, read this article :

1. Ryan Petrich’s Repo

Ryan Petrich’s Repo is an iOS Hacker/Engineer which maintain one of the Best Cydia Repos out there. In his Repo, you can find some of the best Tweaks available for iOS Devices. This Repo in most of the cases offers stable and secure tweaks.

Url :

2. AppCake Repo

AppCake - Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 JailbreakAppCake is one of the biggest repos for cracked games. You can install AppCake app from this source as well as AppSync Unified which allows you install .ipa files on your device.

Url :

3. HackyouriPhone Repo

HackYouriPhone - Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 JailbreakHackYouriPhone is one of the best Cydia Repos for iOS 8.4. This tweak offers you a lot of cracked apps and tweaks. Also, you can find paid Cydia Tweaks available for free on this Repo.

Url :

4. Sinful iPhone Repo

Sinful iPhone Repo -  Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 JailbreakSinful, just like HackyouriPhone, offers you cracked and paid Cydia Tweaks or Apps, for Free. You can find almost every tweak for free in this repo.

Url :

5. Elijah and Andrew’s Planet

Actually, This repo is not very famous and a lot of jailbreakers don’t know this repo, but the reason why I like this Cydia Source for iOS 8.4 is that you can download and install ReachApp, which is a very cool Cydia Tweak for Multitaskers. Click here to read the full review for ReachApp.

Url :

6. Insanelyi Repo

Insanelyi - Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 JailbreakIn this Repo, you can find Tweaks, Themes, Games, Apps etc. Basically, you can find everything you are looking for your device.

Url :

7. HASHBANG Productions

This Repo was not very famous until they released the popular Cydia Tweak called Pheromone. This tweak is the first of its kind and allows you to customize the Cydia Interface. It allows you to Share different tweaks on different social networks, allows you to add a Cancel Button on Search Bar etc. To get this tweak, you have to add this repo.

Url :

8. Team Kodi Repo

Team Kodi’s Repo is a Cydia Repo from which you can download and install Kodi Tweak, an open source media player software, formerly known as XBMC, which allows you to view almost all types of videos, music or digital media files.

Url :

9. Tateu’s Repo

Tateu’s Repo allows you to download and install vAlarm Tweak, which adds a lot of options to the Alarm App for iOS Devices. If you want some extra settings on your alarms, then add this repo and install vAlarm.

Url : – vAlarm

10. iHacks Repo

iHacksRepo - Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 JailbreakiHack Repo is one of the most powerful repos for Cydia. You can find Winterboard, Dreamboard and a lot more in this repo. If you want to completely customize your iDevice install this source.

Url :

This is the guide with Top 10 Cydia Sources for iOS 8.4 Jailbreak.

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