Stop Certain Apps from Waking Up your iOS Device Screen

Stop Certain Apps from Waking Up your iOS Device ScreenWith our phones used for multiple purposes; calling, texting, gaming, social networks etc. Sometimes it becomes very hard to manage all the notifications we receive.

There are times when I just lock my device when suddenly a notification from an app make me unlock my device and after checking the notification, I start to check all social networks one-by-one. This is pretty frustrating because it is addicting and it may consume a lot of your time.

The best way to fix this addiction is by stopping notification receive on your device.

This is pretty easy to do. Just go to Settings – Notifications and customize notification alerts for every app installed on your device. You can choose to turn alerts off to stop appearing on lock screen but what if you want to check them later ?

If you turn them off, you will not know which of the apps have notifications and probably you will forget to check that particular app.

There is a solution to Stop Certain Apps from Waking Up your Screen but still Receiving Notifications with the screen turned off.

So, notifications are turned on but the screen doesn’t wake up when new notification alert comes.

Also, This can be pretty useful to improve your battery life on your iOS device because the brightness and sound consume your battery.

Stop Certain Apps from Waking Up your iOS Device Screen

To made this method working, you have to jailbreak your device. If you don’t know how to do it, then read this post :

After that, launch Cydia, go to Search Tab and search for a tweak called ” ILLLookLater “.

This tweak is available for Free on BigBoss Repo.

After you install this tweak, you can go to Settings App and open tweak preference panel to customize the tweak behavior.Stop Certain Apps from Waking Up your iOS Device Screen

On preference panel, you will find a list with all the apps installed on your device and a switcher next to app’s name.

You should turn the switch off for apps you want to prevent from turning on the display.

I recommend you to leave turned on only switches for important apps that you want to be notified when a notification comes.

The best feature of this tweak, on my opinion, is that even the switch for an app is turned off and notifications will not light up the screen, when you turn on the screen manually, you will be able to read all the notifications for all the apps.

So, ILLLookLater is a cool Cydia Tweak which prevents certain apps from waking up your screen. It is a Cool Cydia Tweak that is very useful and helps you improve your device’s battery life.

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