Split Screen Multitasking on iOS 8 with ReachApp

Split Screen Multitasking on iOS 8 with ReachAppAs we all know, Apple always states on their conferences, that iOS is the most advanced mobile operating system yet. Even they keep saying this on every public conference, their operating system, still needs some improvements. Its biggest rival, Samsung, and Android has some really cool features integrated in, which Apple should add to its iOS.

One of these features is split screen multitasking. Different Samsung Devices have a cool feature where you can use and see two apps or more at the same time, by splitting the screen in two parts. Apple’s iOS hasn’t the ability to do this, at least officially.

I am going to show you How to add Split Screen Multitasking on iOS 8 with a Cool Cydia Tweak called ReachApp.

How to Add Split Screen Multitasking on iOS 8 with ReachApp Cydia Tweak

To get this Tweak and Cydia on your iOS Device, you have to jailbreak your device. Click Here to learn how to jailbreak your iOS Device properly and fast.

When Apple released iOS 8, they added a cool feature called Reachability, where you can double tap the home button on all devices with the Touch ID sensor to reach the appear part of the screen more easily. After this feature from Apple, Elijah Frederickson. a famous tweak developer, released ReachApp, a useful Cydia Tweak, which uses reachability feature to bring split-screen multitasking on iOS 8 iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

ReachApp allows users to view and interact with two apps at the same time on a single screen. This works by displaying the second app screen in the empty space that appear when you double tap the Touch ID Sensor.Split Screen Multitasking on iOS 8 with ReachApp

After you install ReachApp from Cydia, you can find tweak’s preference panel in the Settings App, where you can find different options such is disable auto-dismiss ( Close Reachability Automatically once your device is in idle ), enable/disable rotation compatibility etc.  or disable the tweak if you don’t like it.

ReachApp works on all Apple Devices running iOS 8. If your iPhone doesn’t support Reachability, you can install another jailbreak tweak that enables it, called ReachAll.Split Screen Multitasking on iOS 8 with ReachApp

To activate this tweak’s feature, first open two apps you want to use at the same time. For Example, you can open the Messages app and Safari app. Activate Reachability and you will notice the screen splitting in two halves, displaying Messages app at the top half screen and Safari app in the bottom half. Now, you can send messages while reading an article on the web, without switching to the other app.

You will notice a gray line separating two apps screen, which you can drag the line up or down to adjust the size of each screen.

ReachApp is one of the most useful tweaks for iOS 8. It works perfectly on all iOS Devices with Reachability Feature. If your device doesn’t support reachability feature, then download a tweak called ReachAll.

You can download the ReachApp Tweak by adding this Repo on Cydia : http://elijahandandrew.com/repo/

If you don’t know how to add a new repo on Cydia, click here.


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