Secret Questions to Ask Siri – 2016

Questions to Ask SiriQuestions to Ask Siri

Siri was first launched in 2011 and now can be found in every modern Apple Device, including all models of iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. For those people who don’t know what Siri is, It is kind of virtual digital assistant who use natural human voice to respond to your questions and complete your requests or commands. It helps you to stay connected with people you want, organize your life and get things done. It can also do a lot of tricks or entertain you. All you have to do, is to ask Siri a question.

I am going to show you some cool & secret questions to ask Siri in your iPhone/iPad or iPod.

Questions to Ask Siri

1. Siri, by default, use your name and name of your contacts. If you don’t like that and want to change your name or name of friend of yours, then tell Siri : ” Call me X-Men ” or ” SpiderMan is my mom “. It will fix the name of anyone you tell him. If Siri has trouble pronouncing a name or nickname, then tell it: “That’s not how you pronounce ‘SpiderMan’!” and it will require the correct pronunciation.


2. If you don’t want to anyone disturb you, then launch Siri and tell him/her : ” Do Not Disturb “. If you want to delete all your alarms then tell it : ” Delete all alarms ” or activate airplane mode by saying : ” Airplane Mode “.

Questions to Ask Siri

3. You can ask Siri to send your directions to a place by telling him/her : ” Take me home ” or ” Walking directions to McDonalds “. You can also ask Siri to tell you how long it will take to arrive to your destination by saying : ” ETA “.

Questions to Ask Siri

4. You can use Siri to add something in a Reminder list. Just say : ” Add Beer to Drinks list ” or something like that.

Questions to Ask Siri

5. If you are bad at math or just hate it, you can use Siri. For example : ” What’s the square root of 50? “. You can ask it for conversions : ” How many miles in a kilometer? ” or to test your chance use : ” Flip a coin ” or ” Roll the Dice “.Questions to Ask Siri


6. If you forget your friends birthdays, then use Siri to learn it. Just say : ” When’s John Birthday ? ” and you can set a reminder for that date.

7. When you are telling Siri what to write, you can tell him punctuation like “comma”, symbols like “hashtag” or “copyright sign”. You can tell him to write different emotions : “smiley”  or “angry”. To format your text, use : ” new paragraph “,” new line ” or tell him to make it all capital by saying : ” ALL CAPS “.

8. Siri can set reminders, post a status, set alarm clock etc. but it also can keep you up to date. You can ask Siri : ” What’s the weather in Spain? ” or ” Trending on Facebook ” or things similar to this.

9. If you are arguing with a friend about a topic, use Siri to fix it. You can ask question like : ” How many calories are on a Diet Cola? “, ” Who starred Fast and Furious? “. If you want to buy a ticket or find a table in an event, use Siri to do that.

Questions to Ask Siri

10. If Siri gets something wrong or you realized you asked for wrong topic, then you can change it by telling Siri to do that or do manually by keeping pressed the word you want to change.

11. Siri can help you to sleep better and faster. Ask Siri to tell you a bedtime story to sleep faster.

12. You can use Siri to do a good conversation. Even kids can use Siri. ” What do you think of Google Now?” or “tell me a history” are questions you can ask Siri.

Questions to Ask Siri

These were some of Questions to Ask Siri. Just experiment with Siri. Ask different things and have some fun.

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