Search for a Text inside Any App with ControlF

Search for a Text inside Any App with ControlFiOS has a mini search engine called Spotlight. Even it is not used by many users, it still gives you the ability to search for a File, App, Photo, Video, Music etc by swiping down your home screen. But, this mini search engine Apple has integrated with iOS doesn’t allow you to do deep searching inside any app or iOS Interface.

If there are some times when you need to search for a specific text mentioned anywhere in your device, including inside any app, then you can install ControlF, which allows you to search for a text inside any App.

Search for a Text inside Any App with ControlF

ControlF is a jailbreak tweak developed by Mohamed Marbouh, which allows you to search for texts in any app installed on your device.

This tweak uses Activator Gestures in order to allow users to quickly search for a text in any app installed on your device and even in the Lock Screen.

If you don’t have installed Activator, you can install it for Free by launching Cydia and Searching for Activator in the Search Bar. After installing it, open Activator and set the preferred Gesture for ControlF.

After you activate ControlF using an Activator Gesture, a popup will appear where you will find a text box to write the text you would like to search. After you write your text, tap ” Search ” Button to begin searching for the text within an open app, the Lock Screen or you can search directly for the text on Google by pressing the ” Google ” Button.

If the tweak matches a text inside any app or iOS Interface, it will be marked with a red rectangular box.

After you install ControlF, you don’t have to do any configurations. All you have to do is set an Activator Gesture to it. This can be done from the Activator Settings or by accessing Activator App from its icon.

After, you set the gesture, you are ready to go. Just perform the gesture you set for it and the popup will appear.

ControlF is a very useful tweak but still needs some improvements. Its developer is working to fix the tweak’s bugs and make the tweak even better.

ControlF is available on Cydia’s BigBoss Repo for $0.99 but if you want to get it for free from a Cracked Repo, read the following articles :

This is the guide to Search for a Text inside Any App using ControlF Jailbreak Tweak.

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