Play Nintendo Games Online on iPhone Without Jailbreak – 2016

Play Nintendo Games Online on iPhone Without Jailbreak – 2015

We all know Nintendo. The famous game console who revolutionized the way we play games. Now, it isn’t used as much as it used to. Almost everyone nowdays use iPhone, PS4 or Xbox One as a gaming console. But, there are still loyal fans to this console and its old school games. We all have played Super Mario, Duck Hunt etc. and for those how want to play these games again, feel nostalgic and want to remember old times once more, then i have a solution for you. These games are available in iOS Device, with some different emulators, who convert these games to be played into iOS System. For most of us, jailbreaking our devices mean that we can get these emulators from Cydia. But, what if you have not jailbreak your device ? Then you can still play these games by installing emulators without Jailbreaking. Follow these guides :

But if you don’t want to install any apps, tweak or emulator in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you can play Nintendo games online on iOS without Jailbreaking by following this post until the end.

How to Play Nintendo Games Online on iOS Without Jailbreaking

To make this method work, you only need your iOS Device ( iPhone, iPad or iPod ) and a working internet connection.

This method is made possible by a kind of online website emulator called : webNES .  You can access this online emulator and play your favorite Retro Game with any browser you want on your device.

  • Open Safari or any browser you want in your device and in URL Field type : . After you open this website, you should see a few NES games listed there : play nintendo games online iphone without jailbreak
  • To make this look even better or to access quickly, you can add it to your homescreen and it will look like a native app. Hit the Share button and then ” Add to your HomeScreen “. The webNES icon should be added to your homescreen after these actions.

play nintendo games online iphone without jailbreak 1

  • If you don’t like the game listed to this website, you can load your own NES ROMs from your Dropbox account by hitting ” + ” on top-right.
  • Tap on any game name to start playing. you will notice a new screen with D-Pad and A,B & Select, Start buttons in nintendo games online iphone without jailbreak 2
  • Turn your iPhone in Landscape Mode to make the screen look better and use entire nintendo games online iphone without jailbreak 3
  • webNES works even better on iPad :

play nintendo games online iphone without jailbreak 4

webNES simulator website might not be as smooth as a native emulator which you get from Cydia or install it without jailbreak, but it is a pretty cool website, where you can try and play some retro games and what’s even more cooler is that you can run this website emulator not even in iOS but even in Android devices.

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