iPhone or iPad can’t connect to WiFi? Try These Solutions

iPhone or iPad can't connect to WiFi

WiFi is great and useful when it works perfectly, but sometimes those wireless networks have a lot of issues and you are unable to establish a connection to the internet.

If you are having problems and your iPhone or iPad Can’t Connect to WiFi, then you can try these solutions and see if any of them fix your issue.

iPhone or iPad can’t connect to WiFi? Try These Solutions

Usually, WiFi issues are small and very easy to fix, but there are sometimes when they are caused by a bigger problem. The steps down below, will walk you through to fix your issues with WiFi connection.

To troubleshoot the WiFi connection problem on your iOS device, try these solutions:

1. Are you in range?

If your home or office has a lot of metal, walls or other interfering objects, then you might have a shorter range than you think.

You can check the your signal by looking the WiFi icon on status bar; three bars is very good, two is okay and one is poor. If there is not any WiFi icon on status bar, then your device may be disconnected from the WiFi connection.

If your signal is poor, then try to get closer to the router and see if WiFi problems are solved.

2. Check if WiFi is turned On

If the WiFi is turned off, then you can’t connect to your router. Swipe up your screen to open Control Center and check if the WiFi icon is glow white or not.

Also, you want to ensure that your router is turned on. There is always a possibility that your router is reseted or a power surge may have knocked it off. Turn it On or Restart it and then try again.

3. Are you logged in to the network?

There are some kind of networks, when you need to login with a password even if you are already connected to the WiFi Network. These kind of connections will automatically open a website to enter the password after you are connected.

Once you entered the password and are logged in, then you can try to see if you solve the internet issues,

4. Restart Everything

Restart can fix everything. Try restarting every device.

Restart your device by holding the power button and then slide the ‘Slide to Power Off’ slider.

For your router, you have to remove the power cable and wait for 20 seconds for the juice to drain from capacitors and then connect again.

After you restart everything, try to reconnect again to your network.

5. Reset iOS Network Settings

Another possible solution to fix your WiFi Issues is to reset the network settings of your iOS Device.

Go to Settings – General – Reset and then tap on Reset Network Settings Option.

This option resets everything related to internet connections, WiFi networks, VPN etc.

After you perform this reset, try to connect again and see if the issue is solved.

Other Possible Solutions

If the above solutions don’t fix your issue, then you can try these aditional solutions:

  • Ask for assistance
  • Contact your ISP
  • Try another Network
  • Update your Wireless Router
  • Disable any VPN or Proxys

After reading this article, I hope you found the solution when your iPhone or iPad can’t connect to WiFi.




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