Install SNES Emulator iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreaking – iOS 8 & iOS 9

SNES emulator iphone ipad without jailbreak

Install SNES Emulator iPhone & iPad without Jailbreak iOS 8 & iOS 9

Before Apple invented iPhone and Sony invented PlayStation, We all have been crazy fans of Nintendo and its games. The time has changed and Nintendo isn’t used as much as iPhone and PS4 anymore. But there are still some crazy Retro Games fans. These kinds of games are played with special emulators developed for iOS especially. Two of the most famous are SNES and GBA Emulators. Apple does not allow these emulators in their official App Store for copyright reasons but there is still a way to get them. So, in this post, i will learn you how to download and install SNES Emulator iPhone & iPad WITHOUT Jailbreak. Yes, you read it right, You don’t need to jailbreak your device to play Nintendo Games. Let’s Begin !

How to Download & Install SNES Emulator iPhone / iPad Without Jailbreak

To make this method, you don’t need to jailbreak your device and install any other app or tweak. You can still install and play retro games without jailbreak. Also, Your device must be on iOS 8 or iOS 9 and you must have a working internet connection to make this method work. This post does not include ROMs, which are games that will be used with this emulator. You have to download different ROMs from another website and then send them to your device and open them with this emulator.

I will try to explain step-by-step and keep it as simple as I can.

SNES Emulator iPhone – iPad

Step 1

Go to Safari Browser on your iPhone or iPad and in URL field type & open this :

Step 2

Tap on the apps tab and keep scrolling down until you find SiOS.

snes emulator iphone ipad without jailbreak

Step 3

Tap on SiOS and after that, you should see a popup come up with some details, version, compatibility, some screenshots for this emulator and an install button.

Step 4

Tap on Install Button.

snes emulator iphone ipad without jailbreak 1

Step 5

Now go to your device Settings – General – Date and Time and disable Automatically Set. Set the date manually Two months back.

Step 6

Keep selecting Retry if the ” Unable to Download ” popup keep comes up.

Step 7

After the installation is completed, go and correct the Time and Date in Settings by switching Automatic Date and Time On then go & open the app and tap on Trust Button when the alert comes up.

snes emulator iphone ipad without jailbreak

After you finish installing SNES Emulator iPhone and iPad iOS 8 & iOS 9 Version without Jailbreak, you can now load up ROMs of your favorite SNES games, by downloading them from different websites in Google and after you get them on your device, tap on them and use ” Open In” dialog to open them with this Emulator.

This was the tutorial to install Snes Emulator iPhone and iPad iOS 8 & iOS 9 without Jailbreak.

If you have any problem or question, write it down below, in the comment section.

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Hope you enjoyed and Thank You for Reading !


  1. I have tried this method numerous times to no avail. I have also sat and tapped the retry button for over an hour with no success. This does not work. Should anyone know of a way to get emulators onto the iPad, please let me know.


    • Hello!
      Please try to set the date of your device about 4-5 months back and try the installation process again. This should fix your issue.

  2. Negative. Setting my calendar back does not work. I’ve tried months, I’ve tried years, no good. Thanks anyways.

    • Please, send me your iOS Version and iPad Generation and I will try to find a solution for your issue.

  3. I am running an iPad Air, iOS 9.1

    Thank you for looking into this, I’m a big retro gamer and am jonesing to play some Of my old SNES games. I still have my SNES and a bunch of games, but it’s not like I can take the console on the bus.

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