Install GBA Emulator for iPhone/iPad/iPod iOS 8 Without Jailbreak

gba emulator for iphone without jailbreakInstall GBA Emulator for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch iOS 8 Without Jailbreak

Nintendo Games have been a big part of our lives. We have been playing them for years but with invention of iPhone, iOS and Playstation Console, the things changed a bit. Now, iOS and PlayStation are the biggest gaming platform in the planet. Nintendo is losing everyday points. But there are still Retro Games Fans out there, who are loyal to Nintendo Games but use an iPhone. You can play this kind of games in iPhone but you need an emulator which converts these games for iOS platform. Apple does not allow these emulators in their official App Store for different reasons, including copyrights. But still you can play these games and install SNES and GBA Emulators in your iOS device. And this is possible without Jailbreaking your device.

I recently published the guide How to Install & Download SNES Emulator without Jailbreak iOS 8, if you want to read it, click here. And now i will tell you How to Download and Install GBA Emulator for iPhone, iPad, iPod iOS 8 without Jailbreak.

How to Download & Install GBA Emulator for iPhone, iPad & iPod Without Jailbreak

You don’t need to jailbreak your device and install any Cydia Tweak to make this method work. All you need is an Apple Device ( iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ) runningiOS 8 and a working internet connection. Also, this post does not include any ROMs which are ported games that can be played with these emulators. You have to download them in other websites, by searching in Google : ” ROMs for GBA Emulator “. Download them and transfer them to your device with DropBox or any way you want and Open in with this emulator.

I will explain this guide step-by-step and keep it as simple as possible.

Step 1

Open Safari or any other Browser in your iPhone, iPad or iPod and in URL field write and open this url :

Step 2

Tap on Apps tab and scroll until you find an app called GBA Emulator.

Step 3

Tap on this file name, and a popup will show with different details, compatibility, screenshots etc. of the emulator and an install button.

Step 4

Tap on Install.

Step 5

Now go to Settings – General – Date and Time and disable Automatically Set Time of your device. Set the date manually Two months back or even more than two months if it doesn’t work with two months.

Step 6

Keep pressing Retry if the ” Unable to Download ” popup show.

Step 7 

After the installation is completed, go to Settings and correct the Time and Date by switching Automatic Time On. Then go & open the app and tap on Trust Button if the alert comes up.

gba emulator for iphone ipad without jailbreak 2

After you finish installation of GBA Emulator for iPhone, iPad, iPod iOS 8 Version without Jailbreak, you can now get and load different ROMs of your favorite old school games, by downloading them from different websites in Google and after you get them in your device, tap on them and use ” Open In” dialog to open them with this GBA Emulator.

This was the tutorial to install GBA Emulator for iPhone, iPad or iPod iOS 8 without Jailbreak.

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