How to Use iPhone Camera Timer Mode

How to Use iPhone Camera Timer ModeWhen Apple unveiled iOS 8, a lot of users were very excited because the operating system was improved so much. Apple added new features to Messages App, Notification & Control Center, Music App etc. Also, The Camera App was improved and new features are available for all iOS 8 users. They added different modes to Camera App, such as : Time-Lapse Mode ( You can click here to read my post about Time Lapse Mode ), Timer Mode etc.


For all who don’t know what Timer Mode is, i will explain you what is its function and How to Use it down below.

Timer Mode is a mode for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Camera App running iOS 8. When you activate this mode, you don’t have to press the shutter button manually with your finger but your device take your photo automatically. There are happy moments in our life when we want to take a full photo or when we are a group of friends and everyone want to be part of the photo. Just put your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Camera in Timer Mode, place it in a steady surface and hit the shutter button and wait for a couple of seconds until the photo is taken automatically.

You can set your Camera App to take your photo after 3s or 10s. You have to choose one of these options to activate Timer Mode.

To learn more How to Use iPhone Camera Timer Mode, read more down below.

How to Use iPhone Camera Timer Mode

How to Use iPhone Camera Timer ModeAs i mentioned before, Timer Mode is available for all Apple Devices running iOS 8. I am going to refer to an iPhone 6 but the same steps are used in all devices.

How to set a timer with the iOS Camera app
  1. Go and launch your Camera App in your device.
  2. Find and tap the Timer Icon in the top part of the camera app screen. ( If you are holding your device in landscape mode, the Timer Icon is on the side ).How to Use iPhone Camera Timer Mode
  3. After you press the Timer Mode Icon, three options will be available : Off, 3s & 10s. Choose your desired time or Off to disable Timer Mode.
  4. Then place your device on a steady surface or just hold it with your hand and Tap on Shutter Button when you are ready.

After you tap on Shutter Button, you will notice the numbers countdown at the screen corner. When you choose the 10s option, after the countdown reaches in its last 3s, your device flash will start flashing rapidly and when the timer reaches 0, your device will take your photo in burst mode ( Burst Mode – Taking a lot of photos in a very short period of time ) in case someone moved or closed their eyes and will store all of them in your Photo Library where you can choose the best photo taken by the Burst Mode and delete other photos.

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