How to use Find My iPhone iOS 8 & iOS 9 – 2016

How to Use Find My iPhone

How to use Find My iPhone

With so many Apple devices sold and with their price always going up, thieves have a new target. There are reports that mostly of road thieves target apple devices, especially iPhone. In London,UK police reports found that 50% of robberies involved a smartphone. But when Apple and other companies added Find My iPhone in their devices, these robberies are reduced by 24%.

Find My iPhone is a free service, offered by Apple, is easy to set up and is available even on Mac or iPad.

It features some modes, including lost mode, stolen mode etc. You can make your phone play a loud alarm if you forget the place you left it, block any access in your phone by enabling lost mode or you can remotely wipe all your data if you think your device is stolen and you don’t want that someone access your data.

But, how to use Find My iPhone ? For all Apple Users who don’t know exactly how to use this powerful feature or don’t know all its secrets, then read this article.

How to Use Find My iPhone

Below, I will try to explain all the Find My iPhone Features and how to use them.

How to Turn On Find My iPhone

How to Use Find My iPhone

To use find my iPhone feature, you should have an Apple account or iCloud ID to sync and collect all your data. To turn On Find My iPhone, just go to Settings – iCloud – Find My iPhone and then slide the switch to the right until it becomes green. This means that this feature is enabled now. Also, Beneath this switcher, is another switcher called ” Send Last Location ” . Turn On that switcher so if your device gets lost or stolen and is in critical battery level, your device sends you automatically the last location before it goes down and turned off completely.

How to Use Find My iPhone

One last thing to do is to check if you have enabled Location Service for Find My iPhone. Go to Settings – Privacy – Locations Services and search for find my iPhone and turn On location services for it. With Location Services On for Find My iPhone App, you give permission Find My iPhone App to use Locations Features of your device, so can name its location.

Download Find My iPhone App


Apple has an official Find My iPhone App which you can download by going to App Store and search for it. After you download it, you can use your Apple ID and Password to access it and its features.

How to Use Find My iPhone App

After you login in with your ID and Password, a map and a list of all connected devices will show. If you tap on one device at the left side, the map at the right side will show you the location of that device. When you tap a device, there are three options available.

How to Use Find My iPhone


The first one is Play Sound. This option is useful if you have forgotten the place you left your device in your house or have difficulties finding it. This option Play a loud sound in your device, even if it is in Silent Mode.

The second option is Lost Mode. Lost Mode enables you to enter a passcode to remotely lock your device. This prevents anyone from gaining access to your data. You can use the same passcode to unlock after you find it.

The third and the last option is Erase iPhone, which is kind of a final solution if you can find your device anymore. When you activate this mode, all your data and apps on your device will be completely wiped and deleted and you will not have access to them anymore. So, use this feature only if you are sure your device is Stolen and you can get it back anymore.

Use Find My iPhone with iCloud Website

How to Use Find My iPhone

You can use find my iPhone with iCloud Website. Just go to and sign in with your Apple ID and Password and the same features and interface are available in the website just like the iOS App we explain in the upper paragraph.

This was the complete guide how to use find my iPhone and its features.

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