How to Turn Siri into Iron Man’s Jarvis

How to Turn Siri into Iron Man's JarvisOne of the biggest features of Apple Devices is Siri. For all who don’t know what Siri is, Siri is a virtual intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator. It uses a natural language and human voice to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Web services. It is very useful to use your device and perform tasks without your hands.

Siri was first introduced as a feature on iPhone 4S on October 2011. It has been part of iOS 5 and has been included on all Apple Devices running iOS 5 or newer. The latest Siri Version is included in iOS 8 and latest iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

Siri has a lot of useful features but i don’t like much its design. It is pretty simple and is not very user friendly. If you are bored with the standard Siri design and you are a fan of Iron Man, then i will show you How to Turn Siri into Iron Man’s Jarvis.

How to Turn Siri into Iron Man’s Jarvis

Note 1 : This is just a tweak to add cool effects to Siri. It does not change Siri functionality & doesn’t add or remove any Siri feature.

To turn Siri into Iron Man’s Jarvis, you have to jailbreak your iOS device. To learn how to jailbreak your device, follow this guide :

You have to install a Cool Cydia Tweak to turn Siri into Iron Man’s Jarvis. By following a few simple steps on your jailbroken device, you can replace standard SIri sounds with the sounds from Iron Man movies. It gives your device’s Siri a pretty cool interface and effect. To learn how to do this, follow the steps provided below :

1. First, go to your device and open Cydia. Then go to Sources – Edit – Add and add this repo :

Note 2 : If you don’t know what is Cydia, How to Use It or How to Add a New Repo, then read my previous guides :

2. After you add this repo and all data from the repo have been downloaded, go to Changes Tab in Cydia and look for “ Jarvis for Siri “. If you can’t find it, go to Search Tab and search for it.

3. Find and install it and then respring your device. After the respring is completed, launch Siri and you will notice new cool sounds.

In order to make this fully working, you should change your device Siri’s voice to male, by gong to Settings – General – Siri and select English (UK) as Language and Male as Voice Gender.

This is the guide to learn How to Turn Siri into Iron Man’s Jarvis.

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