How to Share an iPhone Contact with WhatsApp

How to Share an iPhone Contact with WhatsAppMore than 800 million active users use WhatsApp every day. If you own a smartphone, then WhatsApp is a must have app on your device. With such a widespread and with millions of downloads, a lot of people have skipped SMS and Phone Calls and use Whatsapp instead.

When it was first presented, Whatsapp had only some basic function for an instant messaging app. You could only send text messages but during the time, its developers added new features.

Now, Whatsapp uses the internet connection and gives you the ability to send text messages, video, music, files, photos, your location and even more. You can send all these to your friends, who have to sign up with their phone number and install WhatsApp App on their mobile devices. You can also use WhatsApp on The Web via your computer. Follow this guide to learn how to enable WhatsApp for the web with iPhone :

As I mentioned before, with WhatsApp you can send different files and data. There are times when your friend send you a message requesting a third friend number. Imagine how annoying it is to remember and write all those digits. To skip all this long procedure, you can use WhatsApp share contact feature to send to your friend a contact card.

If you are new with iOS or WhatsApp and don’t know How to Share iPhone Contact with WhatsApp, then follow the steps below.

How to Share iPhone Contact with WhatsApp

Step 1 : Unlock your device and launch WhatsApp by tapping its icon.

Step 2 : After the WhatsApp is loaded, find and tap on ” Contacts ” tab on the bottom part of the screen.Tap on Contacts on WhatsApp

Step 3 : A list with all WhatsApp Friends will appear. Scroll down and find the contact name with whom you want to share contact. After you find it, tap on it once.WhatsApp Contact List on iPhone

Step 4 : Now you can see Contact info on your iPhone screen. Scroll down and tap on ” Send Message ” option.Tap On Send Message on WhatsApp Contact on iPhone

Step 5 : The chat window will appear and you now have to tap on the Up Arrow on the left side of the text box.Tap on Up Arrow on WhatsApp iPhone

Step 6 : A popup with four option will appear ( Take Photo or Video, Photo Gallery, Share Location and Share Contact ). Tap on last option, Share Contact.Share Contact WhatsApp

Step 7 : On this step, you have to search for the contact you want to share. Type its name on the search box and select the contact from the phone book of your iPhone.iPhone Contact Share WhatsApp

Step 8 : Now tap on ” Send ” on the right upper part of the screen.Send iPhone Contact WhatsApp

Now, the contact info you wanted to share is sent.

Also, there is another way to share iPhone contacts with WhatsApp.

Method 2

Step 1 : Open WhatsApp and tap chat tab on the bottom part of the screen.

Step 2 : Tap Compose icon on the right upper part of the screen.Compose Message on WhatsApp iPhone

Step 3 : Search for the friend whom you want to share contact info.Search WhatsApp Contact iPhone

Step 4 : Now follow Steps 4-8, as mentioned on the first method.

This is the guide ” How to Share iPhone Contact with WhatsApp “.

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