How to Send Voice Messages using iMessage in iOS 8 

How-to-Send-Voice-Messages-Using-Audio-Messages-in-iOS-8-on-iPhone copyWhen Apple unveiled iOS 8 before some months, they introduced to the public all iOS 8 Features. They made huge improvements to App Switcher, Notification Center, Calls, Messages etc. To learn all iOS 8 features, click the link below :

As I mentioned on the first paragraph, Apple improved their Messages App by adding a lot of new features. One of the new features gives you the ability to send voice messages via iMessages from iPhone to iPad or from iPad to iPhone.

You can send voice messages via iMessages for free if you are connected to a WiFi Network but if you are using Cellular Data and your Data Plan, charges may apply.

Many users use this way to communicate with their friends, but If you don’t know how to properly use this feature, then in this post, I am going to show you How to Send Voice Messages using iMessages in iOS 8 on iPhone & iPad.

How to Send Voice Messages using iMessage in iOS 8 on iPhone & iPad.

Step 1 : First, open Messages App on your device ( iPhone / iPad ) and open a conversation thread.

Step 2 : Once you open the iMessage Conversation Thread, you will notice the audio recording option at the bottom-right side of the screen. Click on Mic icon and hold the audio recording icon while you record your voice message.How to Send Voice Messages using iMessage in iOS 8 

Step 3 : After you complete the audio recording process, you will see three options on your screen on a nice rounded display; Send, Play and Cancel.How to Send Voice Messages using iMessage in iOS 8 

Note : If you would like to listen what you have recorded, click on the play button and to delete your recorded voice, click the X button. Then you can try to record a new one.

Step 4 : After you listen to the recorded voice and would like to send it, click on the upper arrow button. This option will send the recorded voice to desired person for free using iOS 8 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Step 5 : After the message is sent, the receiver has just to click on play button to hear the message. The same way, if you receive a voice message through iMessage, you have to press the play button to hear it.

This is How to Send Voice Messages using iMessage in iOS 8 for Free.

Quick Notes :

-You have to hold the Mic icon while recording to record without interruptions or errors. If you release the icon while recording, you will not be able to record your message completely.

-The Voice Messages you sent or receive might be auto-deleted after some time. You have to change your Auto-Deletion Settings to keep voice messages forever.

-You and the receiver must be using both iMessage in an iOS device. If they don’t have iMessage enable on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you can’t send voice messages.

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