How to Put iPhone/iPad/iPod in DFU Mode


DFU Mode means Device Firmware Update. A lot of users don’t know what this is or what does it do, but if you have any problem with your apple device software update or restore, you will need DFU Mode. Putting your iPhone in DFU Mode is extremly easy and any one can do it. If you bricked your iphone,ipad,ipod and want to install a working firmware then you should put in DFU Mode.

Available Device which support DFU Mode

DFU Mode is made from Apple for every Apple device out there. So doesn’t matter what device you have. All iPhones, iPod and iPad Models are Supported. Also it supports all iOS Versions: iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8.

How to put iPhone in DFU Mode

DFU Mode iPhone


Steps :
  • Connect your iPhone,iPad,iPod to your Desktop/Laptop or Mac and confirm it is connected.
  • Now, Hold down the home and power button and keep them pressed together.
  • Keep holding the power and home button until your iPhone screen goes black.
  • Wait on the black screen for 2 Seconds or a beep sound in your PC.
  • When you hear the beep sound after the screen blacks out , Release the Power button and keep holding the home button.
  • You will hear another sound after about 8 seconds.
  • Now, You have successfully entered into DFU mode in your iPhone/iPad/iPod.


After your device is in DFU Mode and connected to PC, you will see only a few options in iTunes. That means your are doing it right.

Read the following :

1. Don’t disconnect your iPhone from PC.

2. Your Device will remain black screen all the time.

3. Keep your PC Volume Up because you will need to hear the beep sounds.

4. Putting your device in DFU Mode doesn’t damage it.

When is DFU Mode used :

When You :

  • Have bricked your Apple Device
  • Want to install official Apple Firmware
  • Want to unjailbreak your device
  • Want to do a factory reset
  • Want to restore your device


So, this was my article How to put your iPhone in DFU Mode.

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