How to Open Zip Files on iPhone or iPad

How to Open Zip Files on iPhone or iPadIf you are an iOS User, then you know that iOS doesn’t allow you to do advanced tasks. It just works well with all its functions and if you want to do some extra functions or complete advanced tasks, then probably you will need some extra software.

One problem you may experience when using iOS is when you need to Open a Compressed Zip File and Extract it.

So, in this post, I am going to show you How to Open Zip Files on iPhone or iPad.

How to Open Zip Files on iPhone or iPad

Actually, iOS support Zip Files, but you can only view them in Messages or Mail App. So, you don’t want to install any other app on your device, you can use Messages or Mail to View Zip Files.

Open Zip Files in Mail or Messages

Open Zip Files with MailWhen you receive a Zip File with email, you can view it without leaving the app. Tap the attached Zip File, and iOS will open it for you. iOS supports text files, pdf, images, Word documents, and even Excel spreadsheets, so your Zip should contain files from one of these formats to be opened from iOS.

With Mail or Messages, you can only View Zip Files but if you would like to Extract Zip File on iPhone, you will need a third-party app.Open Zip Files with Mail

For example, if you have received an Excel Spreadsheet after you single tap the Zip File, tap the Share Button and then select the app you have installed to open Excel Spreadsheet.

Also, using Mail or Messages App, you can even print the file or share it using AirDrop.

So, Mail is a simple solution to Open Zip Files on iPad or iPhone without installing any third-party apps from the app store.

If you would like an advanced way to open, extract and edit Zip Files using iPhone or iPad, then I recommend you the second method down below.

Open Zip Files on iPhone or iPad using WinZip or iZip

When you need to take some extra option on your Zip File or need advanced features, then you must install a third-party app from the app store.

I recommend you WinZip or iZip. These are the Best Zip File Viewers on iPhone or iPad.

Both are available for Free with basic functions but if you need extra features, you can buy Pro Versions.

Both apps are very similar and free version are enough to help you manage your Zip File on iOS.

I am going to use Free Version of WinZip for this example.Open Zip Files with WinZip

Find the Zip File you received in Mail or Cloud Storage. Press the Share Button and then tap on ” Open With ” Option.

Open Zip Files with WinZipThis option will open the list with all the apps which support Zip Files.

Open Zip Files with WinZipChoose the app you have installed on your device, WinZip or iZip, and the Zip File will open.

After the archive is opened, we can view its content.

Open Zip Files with WinZip ProIf you want to open a specific file inside Zip, then you need to tap again on the Share Button and then ” Open In ” Option. Open Zip Files with WinZip Pro

If you are a bit confused and need an easy way, you can purchase the full version and log in with your Cloud Account right way and open the Zip directly from inside the WinZip App.

If you have the full version of WinZip, we can access our archive right from the app.

Open Zip Files with WinZip ProWe have some option there, such is sharing with others, send as a link, copy the link, AirDrop to other devices or Extract the Zip File.

Open Zip Files with WinZip ProIf you decide to unzip it, you can choose to extract it in a new folder or in the parent folder.

Still, to open the files inside Zip you need extra software because iOS only support images, text, documents, videos, and music.

This is the guide ” How to Open a Zip File on iPhone or iPad “.

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