How to Make Space on iPhone – 2016

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015If you have storage problems with your iPhone, then i am going to show you How to Make Space on iPhone.

I love my iPhone 6. I use it almost all day and i can imagine a day without it. I have so much files and data stored inside it and even i have 64GB version, my memory is always almost full. I know that i can upgrade to 128GB version but is a bit expensive for me.

I can’t imagine how a heavy iPhone user can keep a 16GB version. I think that 16GB is too small to store all games, apps, music, photos etc. you like. I have had a 16GB version before and i used some methods and tricks to learn how to free space on iPhone.

So, in this post i am going to share learned tricks and methods i used in my old 16GB version iPhone. I even use this methods in 64GB version when i ran out of space.

How to Make Space on iPhone

This methods work with all iOS Device, but i refer to an iPhone because i have an iPhone Device. If you have an iPad or iPod you can use these methods anyway.

1. Delete Apps you don’t need

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015This a pretty simple step that anyone have used before. To free up space on your iPhone, go and delete unused apps or apps you don’t need anymore.

The advantage of deleting apps is that you can free a lot of space with just one app.

To delete an app, hold its icon until it start giggling and then press the ” X ” at the icon corner.

2. Delete Apps that Waste a lot of Space

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015Don’t delete just apps that you don’t use but go and delete apps that you don’t want anymore and waste a lot of free space.

Go to Settings – General – Usage – Manage Storage. Wait until the list is loaded and then you will see top apps that waste your free space. Probably the first one may be Photos App or any HD Game you have downloaded.

If an app you don’t use often is more than 400MB of space just tap it and press Delete. You can download again if you need it.

3. Delete Documents & Data you don’t need from your Apps

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015After you go to Manage Storage, tap on one app that you think that stores extra data while using, for example in my iPhone, i have a YouTube Downloader, and i had downloaded couple YouTube videos but don’t need them anymore. The App together with Downloaded Videos was about 2GB so i went to the App and deleted the videos and now the app is only 56MB.

If you aren’t sure which app stores extra data, check them one-by-one.

4. Turn off Photo Stream

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015If you don’t use Photos much or just want some extra space, go and turn Off Photo Stream.

Go to Settings – Photos & Camera and disable Photo Stream. This will delete Photo Stream Album from your library but the photos stored there will not be available anymore in your other devices.

5. Keep only HDR Photos

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015If you have used HDR Camera Option, probably you will have two same photos in your library. Go and find the same photos and delete the one that doesn’t have HDR Sign in top of it.

6. Delete iBooks you aren’t reading

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015

Go to iBooks App and delete the iBooks you have finished or you are not reading anymore. Even if you delete them, you can still download them if you need them again.

7. Delete Photos from Photo Editing Apps

There are some Photo Editing Apps that store photos into them, so use extra storage besides the standard storage.

If you use Photo Editing Apps, then you must have old photos stored in them. Go and open them and delete stored photos you don’t need anymore.

8. Delete old iMessages

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015

Go to Messages App and delete your old messages and images. You will free up a lot of storage from doing this. Also, check if messages are using a lot of your storage by going to Settings – General – Usage – Manage Storage.

9. Delete Photos you don’t need

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015

Go to your Photos App and select & delete all the photos and videos you don’t like or don’t want to be in your library anymore. I always delete unwanted photos and video and always achieve a lot of free space by doing this.

10. Backup Photos to DropBox or Photo Stream

How to Make Space on iPhone - 2015

Another way how to make space on iPhone is to backup your photos to third party services such as DropBox or just use PhotoStream. You will save a lot of space by doing this because photos and videos are the main storage eater in most of phones.

These were the methods i use How to Make Space on iPhone.

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