How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhone

How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhoneiOS 8 brought a bunch of new features to Apple Devices. With iOS 8 they improved the User Interface, Notification Center, Control Center etc. Also, they added new features to their camera app. One of these features was the new Time-Lapse Mode. The Time Lapse Mode shoots and generates accelerated sequences of photos or video taken with your camera, making things that happen slowly taking place faster, such as the sunset, for example. Now you can shoot these kind of videos with your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch running iOS 8 or later. But to learn How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that look great, read this post.

How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhone

How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhoneTo shot a Time Lapse Video on iPhone then follow these steps :

  1. Go to your device and Launch Camera App.
  2. Swipe right until you reach and set camera mode to Time-Lapse.
  3. Place your device to a flat surface or a tripod.
  4. Tap the shutter button to begin shooting. Your device will snaps photos at selected intervals and when you hit stop, it will automatically generate your time lapse video.
  5. To preview your video, just go to your Gallery or Camera Roll, find it and press Play.

You can try to shoot time lapse videos of interesting processes, such as changing weather conditions, constructions in progress or traffic intersections. Those are just the most basic tips to shot a good time lapse video. To learn how to shoot a good time lapse video, read my tips below.

How to Shoot a Good Time Lapse Video

1. Plan your shot before you begin

How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhoneStart by visualizing how your time-lapse will look after you finish recording it. Imagine the complete sequence of recording in fast forward. The Sunset for example. You imagine when the sun goes down is a cool natural event and creates a beautiful effect to the sky. It will create a cool time lapse video.

Also, be sure to have enough battery and storage left in your device. If you plan to shoot a long time lapse video, you will need a full battery and lot of free storage.

2. Keep your Device Steady

How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhoneWhen you record your time lapse video, try to keep your device steady. You can just place it in a flat surface or even better use a tripod to keep it steady. You will notice that the video is much cooler and looks more professional when your device is steady.

Editing and Sharing your Time-Lapse Video

You can’t edit your time-lapse video in the Camera or Photos App, but you can use third-party apps to edit it. You can use Apple’s video editing software, iMovie for editing and if you want to add some filters to it, you can use Instagram.

The most app used to share videos and photos is Instagram. If you want to share your video with your Instagram Friends, it must be between 3 and 15 seconds long.

This is my post How to Make Time Lapse Video on iPhone, How to Shoot a Good Time Lapse Video and How to Edit a Time-Lapse Video.

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