How to Install vShare on iOS 9

How to Install vShare on iOS 9Pangu Hackers Group has recently released their latest tool, which can jailbreak any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 9, iOS 9.0.1 or iOS 9.0.2. With this tool, you can jailbreak your device and get full access to all your device files, allowing you to customize or edit system files and interface.

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The main reason why people jailbreak their device is because they want total freedom and full access to their device to do what they want. After jailbreak, one of the advantages is that you can install cracked apps using vShare for iOS 9 or any other third-party app stores.

Officially, Apple doesn’t allow you or any app to install cracked apps but you can get paid apps for free using vShare for iOS 9.

So, in this post, I am going to show you How to Install vShare for iOS 9.

How to Install vShare for iOS 9

Before I begin, you first have to jailbreak your device and install AppSync Unified to make this method work. If you haven’t jailbreak your device and haven’t installed AppSync, then read these articles:

Also, there is a method for vShare for iOS 9, to download and install it without jailbreak, but it isn’t fully functional. I recommend to install the jailbreak version, but if you want you can find the non-jailbreak version on this article:

So, now let’s begin the tutorial How to Install vShare for iOS 9 for users who have already jailbroken their device.

How to Install vShare for iOS 9

There are two available methods to install vShare for iOS 9. I will explain them both down below.

Method 1

The first method to install vShare on iOS 9 is by using your computer. Open your browser on your PC and go to . Click on the iOS option on the website header and then click the Blue Download Button. A file will begin downloading called vShare iOS 9 Installer or something similar. After the vShare for iOS 9 Installer, is downloaded, open it and connect your device. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to properly install vShare for iOS 9.

Method 2

The second method doesn’t require a computer but only your iOS 9 Device and a working internet connection. First, make sure you have jailbroken your device and have installed AppSync Unified. Then, go to Safari and type this Url: . After the page is loaded, you will see two options, Install vShare for UnJailbroken Devices and Install vShare for Jailbroken Devices. Tap on the second option and a popup will appear. Tap on the Install Option and wait for a couple of seconds until vShare for iOS 9 is fully downloaded and installed on your device.

So, this is the article How to Install vShare for iOS 9.

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