How to install vShare iOS 8.3 Without Jailbreak

If you are an iDevice user, than you might have heard for vShare. vShare iOS 8.3 is a great way to get those apps which are not available for free on Apple Appstore. Basically, this app allows you to open a custom vShare iOS 8.3 Appstore from where you can get every paid app for free and install them to your device.

Appcake & vShare is the best installous alternative. The best part is that you can install vShare iOS 8.3 for free without jailbreaking.

And since the iOS 8.3 jailbreaking has not been released yet, this is a very useful tool and app for those who updated their device in iOS 8.3.

This guide dosn’t need you to use any computer or any other device. Just your iPhone/iPod/iPad and a working internet connection.

Follow the step carefully and you will not have any problem.

How to install vShare iOS 8.3 without Jailbreak ?

install vshare without jailbreak ios 8.3


1. First Go to Safari and open it.

2. Now type in url field : or click here.

3. Now tap on Download ( Unjailbroken ).

Install vShare iOS 8.3 without jailbreak

4. A popup will be on the screen. Tap on Install.

Install vShare iOS 8.3 without jailbreak

5. Now go to your homescreen. You will see vShare ios 8.3 downloading and installing. Wait couple of seconds until it finish installing.

Install vShare iOS 8.3 without jailbreak

6. After the downloading and installing is finished, Click on it and a warning will appear on your screen.

7. Tap on trust and vShare iOS 8.3 will open.

Install vShare iOS 8.3 without jailbreak

That’s it. You can now start browsing, downloading and installing your favorite apps for free on ios 8.3, iPhone, iPod, iPad.

If you get an Cannot Connect to vShare Api Error :

Sometimes, you may get cannot connect to ssl vshare.apvv api error or something like that.

To fix that, just close all your tabs on your safari browser. Go to your home screen, open app switcher and close all opened applications. After that, wait couple of seconds and try again to install vshare ios 8.3 . Hopefully, now you will not get this error.

So this was a post how to install vshare ios 8.3 2015 for free without jailbreak. This is one of the best ipa download store out there.

If you have any question or problem with installing vshare ios 8.3 without jailbreak , than write it in the comment section down below.

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  1. hi i got the error code about not being able to connect to ssi vshare or whatever i did what you suggested and i still get that error code any help would be appreciated

    • Hello !
      Try closing all tabs and applications from the app switcher, restart your device and then try again.
      Also, Make sure you have a working internet connection.
      Try using a WiFi Network and not you cellullar data.
      Thank You !

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