How to Install Themes on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

How to Install Themes on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

One of the main disadvantages of iOS and Apple is that it doesn’t allow you to customize your device. On Android, you can install themes and customize different parts of the system but iOS only allows you to change wallpaper and some other basic customizations.

Fortunately, there are some methods which allow you to customize your iOS Device. One method is to jailbreak your device which allows you to gain full access to your system and edit it based on your preferences.

But, in order to jailbreak your device, you should have a specific iOS Version and other requirements. Also, a lot of users think that jailbreak is not safe, so they don’t like it.

If you don’t want to jailbreak your device, there is another available method you can try and Install Themes on iOS Without Jailbreak.

A new platform, called iSkin can be used directly on any iOS device running iOS 9 and inject different themes on your UI.

So, in this article, I am going to show you How to Install Themes on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak using iSkin Platform.

How to Install Themes on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

Using this method, you can install themes and app icons on your home screen without jailbreak. All you need is an iOS Device running iOS 7 and later.

It doesn’t work as well as a real jailbreak theme because this platform only creates nice looking shortcuts for specific apps. This means that it doesn’t replace the existing icons and you have to create a new folder and insert all stock apps.

Anyway, it makes your device look nice and you can delete the theme whenever you want.

Down below, you will find all the steps to find and install a theme on iPhone without Jailbreak using iSkins.

1. Launch Safari on your iOS Device and go to iSkin Web Page or click here.

How to Install Themes on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak

2. After the page is loaded, scroll dow and tap on Browse All Themes Option to reveal the list with the themes you can choose from.


3. Explore and Pick the theme you like and then select it.

4. Now, you have to go to the Application Icons Option. This section lets you select what apps you want to theme on your iOS’s home screen.


5. Tap on every icon you want to theme and select them. Also, make sure to write their name on the text fields that appear next to each icon.

6. After you have finished customizing your theme, scroll down and tap on the Install Icons Button.


7. Now, you should wait for a few seconds and a prompt box will appear telling you to allow the profile installation.

8. Tap the Install Option on the top right corner of the screen and then enter your passcode if you have any and tap on Install once again.


9. Once the Configuration Profile is installed, press the Done Option on the top right corner and you will be redirected to Safari.

10. On Safari, you have to wait again for a few seconds for the installation to happen.


11. After some seconds, you are now good to go. Go to your home screen and swipe to the last page to see the themed UI.


That’s it! You have now a customized UI. You can move these icons anywhere you want. Also, you can put all the un-themed icons into a folder, so they don’t distract you.

If you want to remove the installed theme, go to Settings – General – Profile and then tap Delete on the Theme Name Profile.


Also, you can delete individually themed apps just like normal apps. Just press and hold an app until your device enters into jiggle mode and then press the gray cross at the top right corner of the icon.


This is the method How to Install Themes on iPhone or iPad Without Jailbreak using iSkin. It is not a perfect solution but it is a free option and doesn’t require a jailbreak.


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