How to Hide Newsstand from iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreak

How to Hide Newsstand from iPhone or iPad & How to Remove Newsstand from iPhone or iPad.Everytime Apple unveils a new iOS Version, they always add new features and make it even better than before.

When they unveiled iOS 6, along with other features, they added Newsstand App, which is a built-in app from Apple to buy, explore and read different magazines from your iPhone or iPad.

The same magazine app was available on iOS 7 and iOS 8, even with a few improvements.

This app is automatically installed with iOS on your device and officially, there is no way to remove or hide it.

If you are not a magazine guy and haven’t ever use this app, I am going to show you How to Hide Newsstand App from iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreaking.

How to Hide Newsstand from iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreak

There are actually a couple of tricks you can do to hide and delete newsstand from iPhone Without Jailbreak. I am going to tell you all the available methods so you can hide or remove it from your iPhone or iPad.

Apple doesn’t allow you to remove Newsstand from iPhone, at least without Jailbreak. But what you can do is to hide newsstand from iPhone or iPad with a simple trick.

I recommend you to create a folder and name it anything you want, mine is called ” Apple Apps “. After you create a folder, simply drag and drop any app you want to hide, including Newsstand App. You may use only Newsstand App if you want to hide only that app. After you create the folder, hold it so your device will enter into wobbly mode ( Icons start to shake ). In wobbly mode, drag Newsstand App or Folder to the right of the screen and hold it there until the iPhone or iPad takes the hint and moves you on to the next screen. Continue until you get to your right-most screen, then do it once more and iOS will generate an extra screen, where you can drop Newsstand or Apps Folder.

Now, your Newsstand App or Unused App Folder is after 6-8 screens way. You will not see it again because you probably will not swipe your screen 6-7 times because you may have only 2-3 screens with apps.

How to Delete Newsstand from iPhone & iPad

Officially, there is no available way to delete Newsstand from iPhone or iPad. But, if you want to really delete it, you have to jailbreak your device.

After you jailbreak your device, launch Cydia and search for a tweak called ” NoNewsIsGoodNews “. After you install it, the Newsstand App will be deleted from your home screen.


This is the guide How to Hide Newsstand from iPhone or iPad & How to Remove Newsstand from iPhone or iPad.

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