How to Free Space on iPhone

How to Free Space on iPhoneAs we all know, iPhone is a multitasking device, used from everyone around the world. You can make calls, send messages, take photos, record videos etc.

With so many things to do on an iPhone, your storage can run out very fast, especially on 16GB iOS Devices. Actually, some rumors started to appear on the web, telling that Apple has programmed their devices to use about 3-4 GB only for its system so you can run out of memory fast and buy iCloud Storage.

These were only rumors and Apple, of course, declined them. But, it is true. Only about 12-13GB is free when you get a brand new iOS Device.

But, even if Apple is trying to sabotage your memory, there are still some tips and tricks you can read to learn How to Free Space on iPhone.

This is exactly what I am going to show you in this post. About 9 Tips, so you can learn How to Free Space on iPhone.

How to Free Space on iPhone

If you are struggling to learn How to Free Space on iPhone, especially when you need to update to a new version of iOS, which requires some extra storage to be downloaded and installed, then I am going to show you some of the tips I use to free space on my iPhone 6.

Tips to Free Space on iPhone

1. Access Storage Section

The first tip anyone would tell you is to delete something from your device, including games, apps, photos and other media files. But, before going to your home screen and randomly start deleting your files, you should go to the Storage Section on your Settings to see what consumes most of your storage. Go to Settings – General – Usage – Manage Storage and see which app or section of your phone uses the most of your storage, making it easier for you to delete the biggest unused apps.

2. Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

After some months of usage, most of the users tend to install a lot of unwanted and unnecessary apps on their devices. Usually, you install an app which you think is interesting and later on, you don’t need or like that app anymore but still forgot to uninstall it.

So, check every app you have installed on your device and delete the ones which you don’t need or like anymore. This way you free up space on iPhone.

3. Delete Some Music

How to Free Space on iPhoneIf you own a 16GB iPhone and are a huge fan of music, then your music library should consume most of your storage. Try to delete some songs or use Music Streaming Services such as Spotify or Apple Music. These streaming services don’t consume a lot of memory because you play music online without downloading them on your device. This way you can listen to your music and save a lot of space.

4. Delete Podcasts

How to Free Space on iPhoneIf you listen to Podcasts a lot, then you can free up some space by deleting the podcasts which are downloaded on your device.

You can go to Settings – General – Usage – Podcasts and then tap on the Edit button to delete the podcasts and free up space on your iPhone.

5. Transfer your Photos and Videos

If you are a photographer or a huge photo fan and keep a lot of photos and videos on your iOS Device then most of your storage is consumed by them. You can free up a lot of storage by moving and transferring these photos and videos to your PC and then deleting them from your device.

6. Use iCloud as Photo Library

How to Free Space on iPhoneYou can use your Free iCloud Storage to save all your photos. This way, you save a lot of space. Also, if you are already using this option, you can optimize the saved iCloud photos to consume less space. Go to Settings – Photos & Camera and then select the ‘Optimise iPhone Storage’ option. Now, all your photos will be optimized and will reduce the used space.

7. Clear the Offline Reading and Safari Cache

How to Free Space on iPhoneAnother tip you can follow to free up some space on iOS is by deleting the offline reading lists and Safari’s cache.

To delete the offline reading lists, go to Settings – General – Usage – Manage Storage – Safari. Then tap on the ‘Edit’ button in the top-right corner and then the ‘Delete’ option besides the ‘Offline Reading List’ section.

To clear the Safari’s cache, head over to Settings – Safari and then select the ‘Clear History and Website Data’ option. This will option will delete all your history, cookies and other browsing data.

8. Delete the old Messages

How to Free Space on iPhoneIf you use iMessage App a lot, then you probably should delete your messages to free up some space.

You can delete each message or conversation separately or you can choose the Delete Messages older than 30 days from your Settings. Go to Settings – Messages and tap on the ‘Keep Messages’ option. Now, you can select your messages to be deleted every 30 Day or 1 Year.

9. Perform a Factory Reset

If you have tried each tip mentioned on the upper paragraphs, and still your device has a lot of consumed storage, then you can do a factory reset.

Your device keeps storing data, files, reports and a lot of other unnecessary things, which you don’t need, but still consume your free space and only a factory reset can delete them and free up your space.

To perform a full factory reset, first do a backup using iTunes or iCloud and then do a factory reset of your device by going to Settings – General – Reset – Erase all Content and Settings. Wait for your device to perform the factory reset and restart. After your device is booted, restore your data from the backup you did earlier.

This way, you should free up a lot of space on your iOS Device and also, improve the overall performance of your device.

These are some of the tips and methods I use to free up space on my iPhone when I have to. I hope you learn How to Free Space on iPhone and now, you will not have again storage problems.

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