How to Fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize Your iPhone or iPad Issue

How to Fix iTunes Doesn't Recognize Your iPhone or iPad Issue

If you use iTunes to backup your iPhone or iPad regularly, then you probably have experienced different issues, but the most common one is when iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPhone or iPad.

So, in this article, I am going to show you How to Fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize Your iPhone or iPad Issue.

How to Fix iTunes Doesn’t Recognize Your iPhone or iPad Issue

This issue usually occurs when you connect your device to iTunes but your computer and iTunes don’t give any sign.

Why doesn’t iTunes recognize my device when plugged in?

Sometimes, iTunes might be unable to see your device once plugged in. You can’t sync, backup or restore when this happens.

Fortunately, there are some troubleshooting steps you can try to find out and fix why your iOS device isn’t being recognized by iTunes.

Down below you can find these troubleshooting steps for Windows and Mac.

Troubleshooting an unrecognized device on Windows and Mac
  • Is iTunes up to date? – If you haven’t installed the latest iTunes version, then this may be the issue and it can’t communicate with your iOS Device. Usually, Apple releases software updates every time they release an iOS update to support that firmware. Try to download and install the latest iTunes version to make sure you are up to date and the issue is not being caused by this.
  • Is your computer up to date? – If you have an outdated Windows or OS X, then this may be the cause. Your computer may be missing some critical drivers which allow your computer to communicate with you iPhone or iPad.
  • Is your device/computer trusted? – Each time you connect a new device to your computer, a pop-up appears telling you if you trusted the connected computer. You must tap on Trust option to establish a safe connection.
  • Is your Antivirus allowing USB Port access? – You need to check if the antivirus installed on your computer allows your device to be able to communicate through the USB ports.
  • Are there any other accessories plugged in? – If you use a USB Hub or There are other devices plugged in near your device, then try to disconnect them all and use a direct USB Port instead.
  • Is the USB Port/Cable working? – You must be sure that your USB cable or USB port is properly working. If you think this may be the issue, try to use another USB Port or use another USB syncing cable that you are sure it is in working condition.
  • Have you restarted your device? – Try restarting your iOS Device and Computer. Sometimes a driver process may not be working properly and a restart can fix it.

These are some of the steps to troubleshoot when iTunes doesn’t recognize your device.

If after trying these steps, you still are having issues, then you should try┬áto connect using a friend’s computer or contact Apple Support. After you tell the issue, they will go through more advanced troubleshooting steps to get your device recognized by iTunes.


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