How to Fix iPhone Showing The Wrong Time Issue

How to Fix iPhone Showing The Wrong Time Issue

I am going to show you How to Fix iPhone Showing The Wrong Time Issue which in most cases can cause a lot of different errors and misunderstandings.

Apart from making you miss your appointments, the wrong time issue can also cause errors with App Store downloads and other iOS errors.

In this article, I am going to show you why your iOS Device is showing the wrong time and provide some possible fixes for this problem.

Why Does iPhone or iPad Display the Wrong Time?

This issue doesn’t happen often, but it is possible to happen under unexplainable circumstances when you set your time zone automatically option On.

Leaving this option On can cause software bugs including the wrong time. Also, another possible issue is if your device shows the incorrect location then the time zone system can display an incorrect time. iOS System is famous for having several daylight saving time bugs.

These issues can also be caused when something is corrupted or after a jailbreak process goes bad.

But, there are always ways to fix it. Down below, you can find some possible solutions for your device to show the right time again.

How to Fix Wrong Time in iOS

Incorrectly displayed time can be an annoying issue but it can also be easy to fix.

  1. Do you have the latest iOS Version?


This has nothing to do with the time issues, but in rare circumstances, it is a good idea to check if you have the latest iOS Firmware installed.

There is a famous daylight saving bug on some iOS Version, so it is a good option to check and install the latest version of it.

To check for the latest software update, open the Settings, go to General and then Software Update. Also, you can use iTunes to check for the latest iOS Version.

2. Check the Computer Time


If your computer has the incorrect time settings, then those time settings may be transferred to your iOS Device after you sync.

On a Mac, you can check your date and time from the System Preferences under Date & Time preferences panel.

Dy default, all Macs will set the date and time automatically but you can change it to manual and set the time zone and location manually.

After you check and set the right time settings on your Mac, try to sync your iOS Device again to also correct the time on your device.

3. Time already set manually? Change it to automatic

If your time is set manually, then it is possible that the time was entered incorrectly. Try setting the iOS time automatically based on your location to see if the proper time is displayed after the change.

To do this, go to Settings then open General – Date and Time and then turn the Set Automatically Option On.

After you do this, the iOS should automatically update the device’s time based on your location.

4. Time already set automatically? Change it to manual

The same situation can happen if you have already set the automatically time option On.

If your iOS Device is showing the incorrect time and the automatically time option is already On then the best possible solution is to try to change it to manual.

To do this, launch the Settings app and open the General Section. Go to Date and Time and then turn the Set Automatically Option Off. Now, you will have to choose date and time yourself and select your time zone.

5. Contact your cellular provider

If none of the upper mentioned solutions doesn’t work on your iOS Device, then you may need to contact your cellular service provider.

Not all carriers around the world support location and time services and as a result, your device’s time settings may have issues.

You can also get help for your carrier from the Apple’s carrier support web page.

6. Restore your Device

The last possible solution to try if the time is not showing correctly is to restore your device.

You may need to restore your device to factory settings and then restore to get it to work again.

If you need help, you can read these tutorials to help you restore and enter Recovery Mode on your iOS Device:

I hope that after reading this article, you found the answer for “How to Fix iPhone Showing The Wrong Time Issue”.



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