How to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Charging Issue

How to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Charging IssueApple has made some huge improvements to its chargers and USB cables. Since the iPhone 5, they replaced the big, old 30-Pin Charging Port with a nice, elegant 15-Pin Port. This replacement made the iOS device look better, but also this charging technology can charge your device faster, almost twice as fast as the 30-Pin Chargers.

Also, the 15-Pin Chargers can be plugged into the charging port from both sides of the cable, avoiding the annoying situations when you don’t know which is the right side of the charger.

But, even with these charging improvements, Apple can’t avoid the charging problems. Sometimes, your iOS Device charger and the USB Cable don’t work.

So, in this post, I am going to show you How to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Charging Issue.

How to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Charging Issue

If you can’t charge iPhone or iPad, whether it’s the latest iOS Device with the 15-Pin Charger or an old device with the 30-Pin Charger and USB Cable, there are a lot of solutions you can try before buying a new one or calling Apple for help.

Often, is a hardware problem with the dock or lightning connector, but also can be a software problem. You can try the above solutions to learn if its a software or a hardware problem.

1. Switch the USB Port or the Outlet

Sometimes, your iPhone may fail to charge only because of the Outlet or the USB Port. This happens especially if you are trying to charge your iOS Device using the USB Cable and your Computer’s USB Ports.

But, even with your home’s outlets may happen.

So, it is better to try another outlet or switching the USB Port, especially if you are trying to charge for the first time using USB Ports.

2. Switch USB or Lightning Cable

USB or Lightning Cables can fail too. If you have stretched it harder than usual or you are using a third-party cable, not certified by Apple, then charging problems are more likely to happen.

Try a different cable. Ask a friend to give their iPhone charger to you so you can try a new charger. If your device start charging, then you need to buy a new cable and charger.

3. Hard Reset

If your iPhone is not charging, one of the solutions you can try is to perform a Hard Reset. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Press and Hold the Sleep/Wake Button together with the Home Button at the same time.
  2. Keep them pressed for a few seconds, usually 10-12 seconds, until you see the Apple Logo.
  3. After the Apple Logo Appear, release the buttons.

After your iPhone is rebooted, try to charge it again with your charger.

4. Restore using iTunes

Another solution you can try if iPhone or iPad is not charging is to perform a Restore using iTunes. I recommend trying this solution after you have tried all the previous solutions mentioned in this post until now. First, make a backup of your data using iTunes or iCloud. Click here to learn How to Do it. Then, follow the above steps for more.

  1. Connect your iOS Device with iTunes using your USB Cable.
  2. Click on the Device icon in the top left side of iTunes.
  3. Click on Backup Option under the Summary Tab.
  4. Wait until Backup is finished.
  5. Now click on Restore.
  6. Wait for the Restore Process to finish.

When your device turns on, try to charge it again.

5. Contact Apple

If none of the above solutions didn’t fix the iPhone Not Charging Issue, then I recommend contacting Apple. Call them or visit an Apple Store and explain all the solutions you have tried. They will fix your iOS Device for you.

This is the guide with all the possible solutions to Fix iPhone or iPad Not Charging Issue.

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