How to Fix ” iPhone keeps asking for iCloud Password ” Issue

How to Fix " iPhone keeps asking for iCloud Password " IssueWhile you are using your iPhone as usually, surfing the web or just listening to music, when suddenly a pop-up appear asking you to enter your iCloud Password. You enter your Apple ID Password and start doing what you were doing. When suddenly, the pop-up appears again. You may think that you type your password again but after making sure you write the correct password, your iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID Password. This is a very annoying issue, and usually happens after you Restore or Update your device, but a lot of users have reported this issue without doing any restore or update process.

After you make sure that there is nothing downloading, there are no wrong passwords, there’s no problem with your account and still your iPhone keeps asking for iCloud ID Password, then it’s time to take action. This pop-up makes your device unusable and sometimes it requires just a simple action to fix it.

How to Fix ” iPhone keeps asking for iCloud Password ” Issue

In most of the cases, this issue is connected to a failed download which is not visible on the home screen. Sometimes it’s connected with your account settings, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime or App Store.

I will try to provide you with all available solutions for this issue.

iPhone keeps asking for Apple ID Password Possible Solutions :

1. Reboot

RebootThe most simple solution to this issue is to reboot your iPhone. Press and Hold the power button and lock/unlock button at the same time until the Apple Logo appears and then release them. Wait for your device to turn on and try to use it.

2. Reset Settings

Settings - General - Reset - Reset SettingsiOS has a couple of reset options. Head over to Settings – General – Reset – Reset Settings. Reset Settings option will just reset your settings and will not delete any data or apps. Wait for your device to restart and try use it.

3. Check Updates, Purchased Apps, App Store & iTunes Store

The first thing to do if none of the previous solutions worked for you is to open the App Store and check your Purchased Apps History. Head over to Updates Section and in the top of that section is the Purchased Apps Section. Open this section and check if any of apps listed there has failed downloading or something similar. There are times when an app doesn’t show on the home screen and the Purchased Section is the only way to see if an app is still downloading or something similar.

Also, you can open your account settings and log out of your Apple ID and then log in again. Go to Settings – iTunes & App Store to do this. This might solve your issue.

If you can log in again with your Apple ID and Password, then try to reset your password and try to login again with the new password.

4. Check iCloud, iMessage or FaceTime Settings

Go and check your iCloud Settings if are configured correctly. Try turning off iCloud ( Do a Backup with iTunes before doing this )

Also, go to Settings – iCloud and tap on Account field. Erase and write your password again and click Done. Check if this fixed ” iPhone keeps asking for iCloud Password ” issue.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, go and check iMessage and FaceTime Settings. There might be some problem with the account information or activation.

Try turning these off ( If you have previously turned them on ) and then turn on again.

5. Change Your Apple ID Email Temporarily

Settings - iCloudFirst go to Settings – iCloud then scroll down and click on Sign Out. Confirm your choice.

Now, open your browser on Mac or PC. Go to My Apple ID Website and click on Manage your Apple ID. Sign In with your iCloud ID and Password and click on Edit which is next to Apple ID and Primary Email Address Section.

Now, change the Apple ID to the email address which iCloud ask you to sign in. You don’t need to verify the entered email address.

6. Other Solutions

Check carefully if iTunes is downloading something. Pending tracks, apps or anything else that is stuck. Stop it and restart your device.

After none of this solutions solve ” iPhone keeps asking for iCloud ID Password ” issue, then you can try to restore your iPhone from a backup.

This are the possible solutions for the ” iPhone keeps asking for iCloud Password ” issue.

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