How to Clear Documents and Data iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

How to Clear Documents and Data iPhone, iPad or iPod TouchIf you have a 16GB iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you probably have Storage Problems. 16GB Apple Devices have only 13GB usable because 3GB are used from the system. With only 13GB usable, you decide what to save first. If you go to your Settings-General-Usage, you will notice that most of the apps use a lot of storage and that storage is stated as Documents and Data iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

If you connect your device with iTunes, you will notice that on your Storage bar, ” Other ” consume some of your space.

When you run out of space, ” Other ” and ” Documents and Data ” can be a big problem for your device. If you would like to learn How to Clear Documents and Data iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, I recommend you to read the steps below carefully.

How to Clear Documents and Data iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

The Documents and Data on iPhone or any other device come from a variety of sources, including stock Apple Apps, Installed Apps, Data etc. I am going to show you How to Clear Documents and Data and Free Up Space on your iOS Device.

1. Stock Apple Apps

If you are a heavy iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch User, then probably you are using a lot of stock apps: Messages, Music, Mail, Safari etc. All these apps use data to work properly, some every time you use them, different data are stored on your device. Safari stores Cache, Videos save downloaded videos, Mail saves mail cache and attachments etc.

You can use different methods to remove Stock Apps Data.

Messages: Clear Attachments, Delete Old Conversations

Messages App consumes a lot of your space by saving Attachments. Open Messages App and delete the attachments you don’t need. Also, delete old conversation for more free space.

Mail: Delete Old Mail and Attachments

If you use Mail App a lot, then there’re a lot of caches built from old emails and attachments. To clear out the Mail cache, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings – Mail, Contacts & Calendar
  • Tap on your email account.
  • Tap Delete Account Option and Confirm.
  • Now, re-add your account again by tapping Add New Option.

Safari: Clear Cache, Reading list & History

Safari - Delete History and DataTo clear Safari cache, reading list and history, go to Settings-Safari and tap on Clear History and Website Data. This will clear all Safari cache and history and free up some space.

Photo Stream

If you use Photo Stream Option, you might want to clear them by turning it off. Go to Settings-iCloud-Photo Stream and turn it off. This will remove all photo stream from your device and free up some space.

2. Installed and Downloaded Apps

Downloaded Apps use most of your space. Their Documents and Data iPhone can be very big depending on the App. To clear Documents and Data on Apps, you can use one of the two methods:

Method 1: Delete and Reinstall App

Delete Apps iOSThis is the easiest way to Clear Documents and Data on Apps. Hold the app icon and then delete it. After you delete it, go to App Store and install the same app again. This process will delete App Cache and Free you some Space.

Method 2: Delete Data Manually

With this method, you have to delete data manually. Open apps such is Whatsapp, Viber etc. and try deleting received photos, videos or conversations.

3. iCloud Documents

iWorkIf you use iWork Apps a lot, then this can free you a lot of space. If you don’t use iWork Apps, then skip to the fourth section of the article.

You can remove documents from Pages, Numbers etc. Go to Settings-iCloud. Tap on Storage & Backup and then on Manage Storage. Next, under Documents and Data, tap on the app and then Edit Button from the top-left. Tap on Delete All to remove all documents.

4. Using Third-Party Softwares to remove app data and cache

PhoneCleanIf you would like to remove all these data with just some clicks, you can use different software available online.

I recommend you PhoneClean. It helps you to Clear Documents and Data easily with just a few clicks.

If you don’t like PhoneClean, you can try iExplorer or iFunbox.

This is the guide ” How to Clear Documents and Data iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch “.

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