How to Charge your iPhone Faster

How to Charge your iPhone FasteriPhone offers you the ability to use it for multiple reasons. It can be used for work, entertaining, surfing the web etc. Everyone who owns an iPhone, use it for a couple of hours every day. All the variety of apps which can be installed on iPhone makes the iPhone Battery Life not as good as it should. Battery Life Improvement is the most required task from Smartphone Users. If you are a heavy iPhone User, the battery can run out of juice in a couple of hours. There are a couple of articles available around the web, which tells you How to Improve your Battery Life. Even they contain useful tips, battery life still can’t be improved on its maximum levels because the iPhone 6 Battery Capacity is about 1810 mAh.

Even Apple has not improved Battery Capacity, they tried to develop a new technology to their lightning chargers, so at least you can charge your iPhone faster. You can not grow your battery capacity and even with Apple’s latest charging technology, your battery can still be improved by following the tips below to make your battery charge faster.

How to Charge your iPhone Faster

1. Don’t Charge your iPhone from your Computer’s USB Ports

USB Ports - How to Charge your iPhone FasterI don’t recommend you to charge your Device using USB Cable because USB Ports don’t deliver much energy to your device so it takes more time to charge it.

If your computer has USB 1.0 or 2.0 Specifications, they deliver up to 0.5A and USB 3.0 delivers up to 0.9A while your Apple’s Charging Adapter delivers up to 1.5A. So, Charging Adapter delivers almost the double of energy the USB Ports Delivers.

So, for better charging speed, I recommend you using Charging Adapter instead of your Computer’s USB Port.

2. Use a More Powerful Charger

More Powerful Charger - How to Charge your iPhone FasterInstead of using the standard Apple’s iPhone Charger that came with your device, you can charge your iPhone faster by using a more powerful charger. For example, Apple’s iPhone 6 phones ship with a 1A charger, but if you own an iPad you can use their charger instead because it is more powerful. Apple ships iPads with 2.1A Chargers, so it is recommended to use an iPad Charger to charge iPhone if you would like to charge Faster.

Not every device will be capable of charging faster when you use a more powerful charger, but iPhones are reported secure to be charged with an iPad Charger.

So, feel free to use any iPad Charger you can find. You will notice a decrease of charging time when using a more powerful charger.

3. Use Premium USB Cable

Not every USB cable you can find are equal. Some are premium quality and some others are cheap, generic cables which in most of the cases damage your device and increase charging speed.

Cheap USB Cables don’t transmit the full amount of power and this leads to a much slower charging.

For best results, use the cable that came with your device. If you have lost it or it doesn’t work anymore, is recommended to buy a new one on an Apple Store or Buy it from a trusted Mobile Shop.

4. Don’t Use the Phone

Don't Use the Phone - How to Charge your iPhone FasterThis may seem ridiculous but putting down the phone and not using it while it is charging, improves the device charging time a lot. If you are waiting for your iPhone to charge while you are playing a game, will cause your device to consume more power and slow down the charging process.

5. Put your iPhone into AirPlane Mode

Airplane Mode - How to Charge your iPhone FasterIf you want to charge your device really fast, then activate airplane mode. Airplane Mode disables all the Wireless Connection, including WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data etc. Disabling all these wireless connection make your device charge fast.

I recommend you to use Airplane Mode for faster charging only if you are not expecting any call or message because, in Airplane Mode, your device will be stated as Turned Off.

6. Use an External Battery Pack

External Battery Pack - How to Charge your iPhone FasterYou may think that an External Battery Pack doesn’t make your iPhone charge faster and you are 100% right. But, if you are in a hurry and your device has only 2% battery left, what is the best solution ? To leave the house without your phone ?

Instead, you can pick up an external battery pack which can Charge your iPhone on the go.

Most of External Battery Packs come in a cubic or rounded shape, but there are also some good External Battery iPhone Cases which are integrated at the case itself and it can fit your device perfectly. With these cases, you can charge your device while you have it in your pocket.

7. Use Car Charger while driving

Car Charger - How to Charge your iPhone FasterThis option, similar to External Battery Packs, doesn’t charge your iPhone faster but helps you charge your device on the go. Car Chargers are very useful if you drive a lot or for long distances. Your iPhone can be charged while you drive and when you are out of the car, you will have a full battery on your device.

Car Chargers are very useful, secure and cheap. Also, you can check out my favorite car chargers down below

This is the guide ” How to Charge your iPhone Faster “.

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