How to Change Your Email Sender Name on iOS

How to Change Your Email Sender Name on iOSWe all use our smartphones for multitasking. There are studies that show that the smartphone and tablet usage is growing even faster than the usage of PC and Lap Tops.

Everyone, most of the cases, use their iPhone or iPad when they want to check social networks, search something on Google, taking a picture and a lot more.

Emails play a very important role on our life. We use them to communicate with our friends or with other people. You can send or receive an email easily from any iOS device. iOS has a built-in mail app for everyone who use emails. You can add multiple accounts in one device and check them regularly from your device.

When you set up your iOS device for the first time and open mail app, you have to enter at least one of your email accounts. When you add an email account, you provide some information for that mail account so your device will know who is the holder of that account.

If you provide an incorrect information for your email account and every time you send an email, your sender name is something strange or incorrect, then I am going to show you How to Change Your Email Sender Name on iOS.

How to Change Your Email Sender Name on iOS

This method works for all iOS devices and the same steps are followed for every device, but I am going to refer to an iPhone.

Step 1 : Unlock your iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch and go to Settings – Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

Step 2 : Find and select your email account you want to edit the sender name.

Step 3 : Tap on your email address listed on the Account tab.

Step 4 : Delete the current name provided and replace it with the new name.How to Change Your Email Sender Name on iOS

Step 5 : Tap Done to complete and save your changes.

How to change the name displayed on emails sent from iCloud

If you want to change the name displayed on emails sent from your iCloud Account, then follow these steps :

Step 1: Open your browser and Go to Login using your Apple ID username and password.

Step 2: After you login with your username and password, Go to the Mail app.

Step 3: After the Mail app opens, click on the small gear icon at the very bottom left corner of your screen and then tap on ” Preferences “.iCloud-Mail-Preferences

Step 4: On Preferences Tab, Go to the Accounts tab.iCloud-Mail-Preferences

Step 5: Replace the current display name with your new name, and tap Done to save the change.

There is a limitation to the changes you might have made to your display name in your Mail app. If you send an email to a person who has saved you as a contact on their iOS Device, then your email sender name will still show under the name they attached you to contact list.

This limitation is not available on unknown contacts. Only to persons who have saved you as their contact.

This is the method to Change Your Email Sender Name on iOS.

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