How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for iPhone and iPad in iOS 8Apple tags their devices at a higher price than its competitors and still it is on top of the market for smartphone sales for 2015 until now. All this high price tag and its reputation have made Apple the main target for smartphone and device steals.

Losing an Apple device, can be a horrible experience. The most common device which is reported lost or stolen is iPhone. If you lost your device, somebody else may access your data and private details. But, what if you are on the other side ? You find an iPhone and would like to return to its owner, but imagine if the owner has wiped all the iPhone data as soon as he lost it and you can’t access anything because the device is locked with iCloud Activation Lock.

iCloud Activation Lock is a very useful feature, presented by Apple with iOS 7, which prevents the iPhone thefts to steal your device because they need to have your iCloud Password to unlock it, even if they try to erase your data.

This feature includes remote wipe, lost mode, steal mode, track mode etc. which all can be activated online from any PC or device.

Down below I am going to show you How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8.

How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad

So, if you found an iPhone which requires the Owner’s iCloud Password, there is a working method to access its data and Bypass iCloud Activation Lock.

How to Bypass iCloud Lock in iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad

First grab the locked device, turn it on and when you are on ” Activate iPhone Screen ” then press the home button and tap on WiFi Settings. Now, tap on ” i ” next to WiFi symbol. From here, follow the steps provided below carefully after removing the existing DNS :

Step 1 : Type this new DNS :

Step 2 : Tap on Back.

Step 3 : Now tap on ” Done ” option.

Step 4 : Press the Activation Help.

Once you have completed these steps, you will see some text on the iPhone that reads ” You have successfully connected to my server “.

Tap the Menu on the top right of the screen and from there you can access different functions such is iCloud Locked User Chat, Social, Internet, Mail, Maps, YouTube, Video, Games, Audio etc.

If you want to Bypass iOS 8 Activation Lock Permanently, follow these steps :

Step 1 : Tap on the Menu option.

Step 2 : Go down and tap on Applications.

Step 3 : Now, tap on Crash and from this point, your iPhone will respring to the home screen.

Step 4 : Select your language and country.

Step 5 : Tap on the iPhone’s home button and select more Wifi Settings.

Step 6 : Tap on ” i “.

Step 7 : Tap on Menu under HTTP PROXY by scrolling down.

Step 8 : Now, clear the address bar and tap on the Globe button on the iPhone On-Screen Keyboard.

Step 9 : Type in some characters randomly, 15 to 30 to be specific and type ” 8888 ” in front of Port and tap Back.

Step 10 : Tap Next.

Now, keep sliding the unlock and tap the language option for 2 minutes without giving your fingers any rest. this action will make your iPhone home screen appear and accessible.

Now, you are able to access 3 applications – iPhone, Newsstand and FaceTime.

Note : There is a bug reported by some users which force restart your iPhone when try to access any of these apps.

This is the guide ” How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock for iPhone and iPad in iOS 8 “.

This bug can be fixed by Apple Updates Soon. But until now it is fully working.

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