How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch – 2016

How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod TouchToday, I will show you all the available methods and learn How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Smartphones are an important part of our life. We use them for a few hours during the day. By using them by  a long time, we can save important things in it. You can have some beautiful memories from your old photos or videos. Contacts, Mails and Messages are very important for everyone. But, like all the machines, sometimes smartphones can be damaged and our data may lose. To prevent this and to protect our data, we make a backup of our data. By making a backup, we save all our data and files and we can restore them later or in a new device, so everything is secure. If you have a problem and don’t know how to backup iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch, i am going to show you all the available methods that backup your iPhone data.

How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

There are two available methods you can use to backup your iPhone data. I am going to show you all these three methods.

I am going to use iPhone but the same steps and processes are used even on iPad or iPod.

How to Backup iPhone : Using iCloud Backup 

The first method i am going to tell you is by using Apple Free Service, iCloud. iCloud offers a lot of free services to Apple users, and one of them is Backing Up your Device.

By default, each device has 5GB iCloud Free Storage to backup their data, but if you need more you can buy more iCloud Storage in Apple Store.

In 5GB you can store all your contacts, documents, mail messages, notes, bookmarks and your photo library. Basically, iCloud Backup stores all your important data. It will run in the background everytime your device is plugged in, connected with WiFi and locked.

To make an iCloud Backup, you will need and Apple ID. Usually, most users open an Apple ID when they set up their phone for the first time.

How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod TouchTo enable and make an iCloud Backup, follow these steps : Go to your device SettingsiCloudBackup and you will see a toggle to turn Backup On. That’s it. Now you phone will backup automatically your data everytime it is connected to WiFi, locked and charging. If you want to backup your device immediately, you have a ” Back Up Now ” option in iCloud Section.

How to Backup iPhone: Using your PC and iTunes to Backup

iCloud Backup saves only the most important data of your device. If you want to save all your data, including all apps and videos, then i recommend you to backup using iTunes.

First, open iTunes and plug in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After you make sure your device is connected go and click its icon in lefthand corner in iTunes window. You device Summary Page will show.

How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Now, first go and save your purchases made by you by going to File – Devices – Transfer Purchases.

How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

After all your purchases are saved in your computer, go again to File – Devices – Back Up to make the backup begin.

The back up time may depend on amount of data you have in your device.

How to Backup iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

After the back up is completed, you can check it by going to iTunes Preferences – Devices. You should see the name of your iPhone with the date and time that iTunes created the backup.

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