AppAddict Install & Download Tutorial – iOS 8 & iOS 9

appaddict install

In this post, I will explain you AppAddict Install Tutorial. If you are an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch User then Probably you are pretty familiar with terms like Jailbreaking, Cydia, AppSync etc. You may know that you can install Paid App Store Apps for Free by Installing Third-Party Stores like AppCake, vShare or AppAddict. So, AppAddict is a third-party App Store, where you can get and install paid apps for free in your device.

In this post, I will explain how to download and install AppAddict in your device running iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS 9.


I have published a new, detailed and updated post for everyone who is running iOS 9 on their device. So, click here to learn How to Download and Install AppAddict on iOS 9.

AppAddict is an amazing choice for those users who like apps and games a lot, but don’t want to pay for them. They also have a website and a forum with great support.

Before i begin, to get AppAddict you must jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and install AppSync. If you have not then follow these articles :

AppAddict Install & Download Tutorial

After you make sure you have jailbreak your device and have installed AppSync, then :

Step 1 : Launch Cydia. Go to Sources Tab, Tap Edit then Add and type this URL to add their Cydia Source : 

Step 2 : After you add their source, Go and find it in Cydia Repo List.

Step 3 : After you find their repo in Cydia, find the app called AppAddict, tap on it and install.

Now, you should have the AppAddict App icon in your home screen. Tap on it and it will open.

How to use AppAddict iOS 8

appaddict install

After you finished AppAddict install & download guide and opened it, you will see an app similar with Apple Official App Store. It has its main page, search, app center, settings etc. Mostly the main features the Apple Store has.

In its main page, you can see Top Free, Top Paid, New, and Noteworthy etc.

In the Search Tab, you can search for different apps, games etc.

In App Center, you can find downloading Apps and Apps that are downloaded previously from you. You can also delete or install the downloaded Apps from this tab.

The Settings Tab is to adjust your settings based in your choice. You can set notifications, auto delete for already installed apps, some info about AppAddict and the service they provide and other things that are especially in Settings Tab.

The Updates Tab is to update your existing app you have in your iPhone/iPod/iPad. You can not update cracked apps you install from AppAddict with Official Apple App Store. Apps downloaded and installed with AppAddict must be installed and updated with AppAddict. This is some kind of a disadvantage of jailbreak devices, but I think we can live with this disadvantage.

So, this was the AppAddict Install & Download Guide. Hope You Enjoyed it!

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