How to add new Repo / Source in Cydia 2016

Cydia by default has most of the popular repositories added including the Bigboss repo, ModMyi repo etc so you don’t have to add yourself. This is very convenient and most of the time you don’t need to add any other repo or source to Cydia in order to download stuff. However there are times when you need to add a repo in Cydia to download some tweak or app that is not available on the main repositories.

Adding a new repo in Cydia is pretty simple but can be tricky if you have no clue about how to do it. In this post we are going to show you how to add a repo in Cydia. The whole process will require a few steps to complete. Remember you will need an internet connection and a valid repo link to do so.

  1. Launch Cydia on your jailbroken iOS device and  tap on the “Sources” button located at footer bar of Cydia.cydia source screen,add new source
  2. On the “Source” screen you will see the list of your installed sources. At the top-right corner tap “Edit”. Once you press “Edit” , all sources name will have a red icon before their name, which shows that you have pressed “Edit”.cydia source add, screen, new repo
  3. Then, at the top-left corner, tap “Add”. Once “Add” is pressed, a pop up will show, where you can write url of the repo you want to add.cydia source add, screen, new repo
  4. Then, type your new repo/source Url and tap “Add Source”.
  5. Now, you have to wait a couple of seconds, until cydia downloads some infos for your new repo.cydia source add, screen, new repo
  6. After Cydia finish downloading informations, Your new Source will be added to the Sources list.cydia source screen,add new source

Done! That’s how you add a repo in Cydia.

Your source has been added and you can download anything you want from this repo. The source you have added will appear in the list of sources in Cydia and you can delete it from there whenever you want.


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