How to Add a Quick Reply Function to WhatsApp with WAQuickReply Tweak

How to Add a Quick Reply Function to WhatsApp with WAQuickReply TweakWhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app in the smartphones world. It has more than 800 Million Active Users worldwide. Being so popular among smartphones users, a lot of tweaks and apps that bring extra options and features to WhatsApp start to roll.

A lot of iOS Hackers and Developers have published apps and tweaks related with WhatsApp. Most of the best tweaks are only available to jailbroken devices. If you still haven’t jailbreak your iOS Device, then follow the articles below to learn how to do it :

On iOS 8, Apple added a new Quick Reply Feature to its Messaging App. Apple included this feature only to its Messaging App and with WhatsApp being used by everyone and sometimes more than Apple’s Stock Messaging App, Quick Reply was a must-have feature for WhatsApp.

Imagine how annoying and time consuming would be if you use WhatsApp for a couple of hours every day and you have to open the app everytime you receive a new message to respond to it.

To fix this issue, WhatsApp’s Famous Tweak Developer, iMokhles, has released a new WhatsApp Tweak called WAQuickReply.

How to Add a Quick Reply Function to WhatsApp Messenger with WAQuickReply Tweak

WAQuickReply is a cool tweak which adds the Quick-Reply Feature to WhatsApp Messenger and allows you to quickly respond your messages from the Lock Screen or Notification Banner.

What I like most about this tweak, is that you don’t need to leave the app open for Quick-Reply Tweak to work. Even when you have force close WhatsApp from the App Switcher when you receive a new message, you can quickly repsond to it directly from the lock screen or notification banner.

If you use WhatsApp a lot, then I totally recommend you to buy and install WAQuickReply.

After you install this tweak from Cydia, you need to reboot your iPhone and then follow some steps to obtain the license and activate your tweak.

The license activation is a bit annoying, but the developer has included this as a way to prevent Pirates and Cracked Tweak to be installed.How to Add a Quick Reply Function to WhatsApp with WAQuickReply Tweak

After you pass the license activation, the quick reply function works perfectly. When you receive a message via WhatsApp, you can quickly respond to it, just like iMessage or SMS.

If you are wondering how WAQuickReply Tweak works without the app itself running in the background, then it uses a special background process, which is able to keep WhatsApp App running in the background in the lowest state possible without drainning any battery. Even if you reboot your device, the Quick-Reply Tweak works without launching the WhatsApp App.

WAQuickReply is a must-have Cydia Tweak for WhatsApp if you use WhatsApp a lot every day. The license activation part is a bit annoying but if you really need the add the quick reply function to WhatsApp, then the activation process is worth it. After you activate the tweak, the Quick-Reply Function works perfectly just like an official iOS Feature.

This is the guide ” How to Add a Quick Reply Function to WhatsApp Messenger with WAQuickReply Tweak “.

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  1. I am not receiving megsesas from one of my contacts which is listed in favorites..I have saved the persons number with full code..before I used to receive her msgs but now all of a sudden it stopped.I dont understand this problem.and also when she sends me the msg.she gets the 2 green marks too indicating it got delivered to me..but I dont find any msgs of hers..Could you please help me out..

    • Hello,

      See if the contact is on your blocked list. Maybe, you have clicked Block this Person and now you receive nothing from him.

      Thank You!

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