How to Add 3D Animations to App Switcher

How to Add 3D Animations to App SwitcherWhen Apple released iOS 7 in 2013, they added a lot of new and interesting features. Apple, besides all minor changes, they also changed the way we interact with our opened apps. They completely redesigned the App Switcher and make it much easy to access and more user-friendly. They added a big thumbnail for every opened app and combined them with a blurry background.

A lot of Cydia Developers started developing new Tweaks to work with iOS 7 back then. A lot of interesting tweaks were released. One of them was Aquaboard, which adds a cool water effect to your device’s lock screen. You can learn more about it, by clicking here.

Another interesting tweak is released these days. It is called ” 3DSwitcher ” and adds a cool 3D Effect to your device’s lock screen.

To learn How to Add 3D Animations to App Switcher using 3DSwitcher, read more down below.

Add 3D Animations to App Switcher Using 3DSwitcher

3DSwitcher brings 3D Animations to the App Switcher, which appear when you scroll through the app cards on the multitasking screen. This tweak brings a very nice looking effects and you can choose from a wide range of options and configurations. It offers a total of 6 different modes that all feature their unique appearance.

To install this tweak, you have to jailbreak your device and install Cydia. If you don’t know how to do it, then I recommend you to read my previous articles.

After you jailbreak your device, launch Cydia and go to Search Tab and search for ” 3DSwitcher “. This tweak is uploaded on BigBoss Repo and is available for $0.99. If you don’t want to pay for it, then download it from Cracked Cydia Repos by reading these guides :

After you install this tweak and respring, go to Settings App on your device and open Tweak Preference Panel to configure your options. How to Add 3D Animations to App Switcher

This tweak offers a total of 6 different modes that all feature unique appearance.

The modes include 3D Cards, Card Deck, CoverFlow, Inverse CoverFlow, Subtler CoverFlow and Inverse Subtler CoverFlow. When you move through the app cards give an illusion of 3D animation.

Also, this tweak works perfectly with other App Switcher Tweaks.

If you like, you can add icon animations for the app icons found on the App Switcher Screen. You can add fade effect, scale effect and rolling effect. I recommend choosing an effect that fits your 3D Animation for App Cards.


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