How to Activate Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

How to Activate Lost Mode on iPhone or iPadWe all know that Apple is a bit ridiculous when it comes to products price. All their products are a bit overpriced. When you compare an Apple Product with the same product from another Company, you will notice that Apple’s product is more expensive.

iPhone is Apple’s most sold device and being so popular and so expensive in the same time, it could become a danger for an owner to hold it in public places. There are a lot of reports where iPhone owners report about theives stealing their device.

In the other side, even if someone doesn’t steal your iPhone or iPad, you may forget where you left it or just you accidentally dropped it from your pocket and don’t know where it is, then the best way to protect your device, is to Turn on Lost Mode.

When Apple introduced iOS 7, they included a very useful feature that locks your device in case you lost it or is stolen. It is a simple app called ” Find My iPhone ” and works with your Apple Account. You can read more about it and how to use this app in this article :

I am going to show you How to Activate Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad & Recover and Track you Lost iPhone or iPad.

How to Activate Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

Activating this feature on iPhone or iPad will lock your Device with a passcode, display a custom message on the screen and keep tracking your device’s location.

How to Enable Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

Step 1 : Open your browser and go to

Step 2 : After the website is loaded, Login with your Apple ID and Password.iCloud HomePage

Step 3 : After you login, some of Apple’s Official Apps will be shown. You tap on Find My iPhone icon.iCloud Apps

Step 4 : After you open Find My iPhone App, a map will be available showing all the devices connected with this account. Tap on Green Dot of the lost device.Find My iPhone Map

Step 5 : A popup with Devices Name and some other details will show. Click on the ” i ” icon inside that popup.Find My iPhone Map

Step 6 : Now, three options will be available on the screen corner of your computer ; Play Sound, Lost Mode & Erase iPhone.How to Activate Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad

Step 7 : Click on Lost Mode Option.

Step 8 : A message will popup asking you if you are sure to activate lost mode. Confirm that message.

Step 9 : If you have not set a passcode for your device before, then you need to enter a passcode to protect your device.

Step 10 : After you set the passcode, you need to enter a phone number where someone can call you if they found your device, Enter the desired number and click Next.Find My iPhone Number

Step 11 : Now, you have to write a custom message. The default message is : ” This iPhone has been lost. Please call me. ” but you can delete it and set a custom message if you want. Lost Mode iPhone or iPad

After you set your message, click on ” Done ” in the upper-right corner to Enable Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad.

When your Device is on Lost Mode, it doesn’t display any call, message or notification.Lost Mode iPhone or iPad

This is the guide How to Activate Lost Mode on iPhone or iPad.

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