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Best Free Movie App for iPhoneIn this post, I am going to show you the Best Free Movie App for iPhone, which can be used to Watch Free Movies on iPhone or any other iOS Device.

We all know that iOS is one of the most popular mobile operating systems on the market today. It is packed with features and is very stable. But like everything, it has its own disadvantages. I have been an android user for a long time and, I have to admit, Android allows you to watch free movies online more easily than iOS. Maybe because Android is less restricted and a lot of apps which support movie piracy are not removed from Android’s Play Store. But, after some years, some free movie streaming apps start to become popular among iOS users, allowing iOS users to watch movies on iPhone for free. At the moment, there are a lot of apps which claim themselves as the Best Free Movie App for iPhone and iPad, but, in my opinion, there are only two apps which allow you to watch free movies online on iPhone, so I am going to show you both these apps and all available methods to install these apps on your device.

Free Movie App for iPhone

Note : I use an iPhone 6 as a reference in this post, but all other iPhone Models, iPad-s and iPod-s have the same interface and you can follow the same steps for any other Apple Device.

If you search on the official Apple App Store for movie app for iphone, there a lot of results there. Probably, most of them are very popular and famous, such as Netflix, Hulu, iTunes etc. but they all require a monthly subscription fee or you have to pay to watch and stream a separate movie or tv show.

I don’t want to pay a monthly fee to watch movies because I am not a movie geek and rarely watch TV, so I wanted to remove the movie service fee from my bills.

I start searching and trying a lot of movie apps that were available in App Store or third-party App Stores. After a lot of testing, i decided to delete almost all the installed movie apps besides three of them, called MovieBox, Flipps HD and PlayBox HD.

I found two of these apps from a third-party app store because Apple doesn’t allow this kind of apps in their store for copyrights reasons. Only one of them is listed on official App Store.

I will review all three of these apps and at the end, i will tell you my conclusion.

Watch Free Movies Apps for iPhone & iPad

Down below, you will find the instructions on how to download and install these apps.

Watch Free Movies Online on iPhone with MovieBox

Best Free Movie App for iPhone

MovieBox is a very solid app with a simple interface and with a lot of movies inside it. There are hundreds and thousands of movies in its database. You can find any movie or tv show you want. It also offers the latest serials, tv shows etc. with all their latest seasons, all for free. That’s right! You don’t have to pay a dime anymore to watch movies on iPhone. All of them are available for free on this app.

Also, one of my favorite features of this app is that for every movie or tv show, you can put subtitles in different languages. This is a pretty cool feature for those who don’t understand perfectly English or are from a non-English speaking country and only understand the subtitles.

MovieBox is available for free for all devices running iOS 7, iOS 8 & iOS 9. It is available on third-party sources since Apple doesn’t allow piracy on their App Store. The easiest and most stable way on getting this app is by jailbreaking your device.

If you don’t want to jailbreak your device, you can try and install this app without jailbreaking. Just install vShare App from the article below and then install MovieBox by searching it on vShare. You can read my previous article for a detailed tutorial on How to Download and Install vShare:

Watch Free Movies Online on iPhone with Flipps HD Streaming App

Free Movie App for iPhone
Flipps HD

The only official App Store application which allows you to watch movies and tv shows from your device is Flipps HD.

It is packed with features, it allows you to live stream or download movies, tv shows, music videos etc. You can also simultaneosly stream in your iOS device and Tv at the same time. If you want to watch your movie later or offline, you can choose to download it and save on your device.

It is a very stable app and is available for free on Apple App Store.

In my opinion, it is one of the best free movie app for iPhone you can officially get.

Flipps HD App Store Link: Click Here

Watch Free Movies with PlayBox HD Movie App for iPhone

Best Free Movie App for iPhone

PlayBox HD is very similar to MovieBox. It is kind of a clone of MovieBox. MovieBox was the first free streaming movies app on iOS devices and all the others are clones of it.

PlayBox HD has almost the same features like MovieBox and is mostly used by users who don’t like MovieBox Interface or when MovieBox doesn’t work on their devices.

Although PlayBox HD doesn’t have different language subtitles feature, it still remains one of the best free movie app for iPhone in the market today.

PlayBox HD is available for free for all iOS Devices running iOS 8 and iOS 9. You don’t need to jailbreak your device to install PlayBox HD. For a detailed How to Download & Install it without Jailbreak, read this article :

Watch Free Movies for iPhone with Free Streaming Websites

Another very popular method to watch movies on iPhone free is by using your browser to access one of hundreds of websites which provide movies and tv shows for free. All you have to do is open Safari or any other browser and go to one of these sites.

Here are some recommended options by me:


Best Free Movie App for iPhone

All these methods are perfectly working on any iOS Device but my favorite one is the MovieBox and the Streaming Websites. I know that MovieBox is a bit complicated to install because most of the time you have to jailbreak your device, but trust me, it is worth it. It is very stable, packed with features and most important, it’s free.

Also, the streaming websites are a good option, but the main disadvantages of them is that there are soem ads which can be annoying sometime.

In my opinion, if you want a true free movie app for iphone, then MovieBox is the right app for you.

Also, if you are looking for a portable speaker for your iOS device, so you can enjoy your movie, then you can read my best portable speakers 2017 review and decide if any of them suits you.

Hope you enjoyed my article about “Free Movie App for iPhoneWatch Free Movies on iPhone & iPad“.

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