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How to Delete Multiple Apps at Once in all iOS devicesIn this post, i am going to show you How to Delete Multiple Apps at Once in all iOS devices.

I am a heavy iPhone User. My device memory is always full even i have the 64 GB Version. I like to test all the new Released Apps & Tweak by myself. Every Thursday, my country App Store is updated with the latest released apps. I have a habit to download and install all these new apps and test them by myself. After testing them one by one, most of them i don’t like so i delete them. I currently have 220+ apps installed in my device. When i need some memory, i have to delete something to free up space. The most frequent thing i delete when i need space, are the less used apps or the apps i don’t like for different reasons. I have to delete about 10 apps at once one-by-one to free up enough memory for a video record or to install a new app which requires huge amount of available space.

But, with the recently released tweak, MultiDelete, i don’t have to delete unwanted apps one by one when i need urgent free space in my device. Also, with this tweak i don’t have to confirm every confirmation popup deletion. I just choose all the apps i want to delete and i confirm only one popup which deletes all the selected apps at once.

If you are a heavy iPhone Users, like me, and you have a lot of apps installed, MultiDelete is a must-have tweak in your device.

MultiDelete – Delete Multiple Apps at Once in your iOS Device

Note : To install MultiDelete Tweak, you have to jailbreak your device and have Cydia Installed in your device. If you don’t know what is Cydia, Jailbreak and How to do it, read the below articles :

MultiDelete can be installed from Cydia. Open Cydia App, go to Search Tab and just search for ” MultiDelete “. It is a free tweak from BigBoss Official Repo.

After you install it, a new preference panel for MultiDelete will be available in your device Settings App.

In tweak Preference panel, you can choose to enable or disable this tweak function by using a toogle.

To use this tweak after you enable it, you should put your device in wiggle mode by tapping and holding any installed app in your homescreen.

To select multiple apps and delete them, you don’t have to press the ” X ” at app icon corner but tap the middle app icon and you will notice a red sign appear on your selected app. Tap multiple apps at once and when you want to delete them press the original grey ” X ” at one of the selected apps corner. The confirmation popup will appear and after you confirm it, all selected apps will be deleted from your device.

This was the post to learn How to Delete Multiple Apps at Once in iOS devices.

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