Can’t Activate iPhone w/ iCloud? Try These Possible Solutions

Can't Activate iPhone with iCloud - Try These Possible Solutions

Often, on our iPhone, something just doesn’t work. No one can find what is causing the issue, and the best possible solution is to restore and activate again using your iCloud Account.

But, what if you Can’t Activate your iPhone with iCloud? Different errors appear on the screen, and you don’t know what to do.

To fix this, I am going to show you What to Do if you Can’t Activate iPhone with iCloud by trying all the possible solutions for this issue.

Can’t Activate iPhone with iCloud? Try These Possible Solutions

The error messages that appear are different, but three most common are:

  • The activation server is unavailable – This means that the server is down because of the high requests sent at once.
  • The SIM Card is unsupported – This means that your SIM card isn’t made to work with your iPhone Model.
  • Activation Couldn’t Be Completed – This means that you have some glitch in your internet connection or iPhone, and you have to look into things that could cause the issue.

Down below, you can find some troubleshooting ideas that you can test to solve the problem once and for all.

How to Fix ‘iPhone Cannot be Activated with iCloud’ Issue

Now that you understand why these errors occur let’s give you some possible solutions.

Fixing iPhone Activation Errors:
  • Make sure you have an SIM Card installed – iPhones cannot be activated without an SIM card. So, ensure that you have inserted the SIM card in the card tray and that the SIM Card Type is supported by your iPhone Model.
  • Eject the SIM Card – Sometimes, iPhone create glitches, and you can try to remove the SIM Card and then enter it again to see if it fixes your problem.
  • Make sure you have Internet Access – In some cases, cellular data may not be strong enough to activate the iPhone. Try to connect to a WiFi Network and try again.
  • Make Sure Apple’s Server is Online – Often, Apple’s servers go down when a lot of requests are sent. You can check if the Apple’s Servers are online by going to their Official System Status Page.
  • Connect to iTunes – If you don’t have a WiFi Network near you then you should try to activate your iPhone using iTunes. iTunes reaches the activation servers faster and is more stable to activate your device.
  • Make Sure iTunes is Up to Date – Another possible solution is to make sure that the iTunes version installed on your computer is the latest one.
  • Restart the iPhone – As we all know, restart can do miracles. A lot of issues are solved by restarting the iPhone so give it a try.
  • Contact your Carrier – It is possible that your carrier gave you a damaged SIM Card so try contacting them to get a replacement.
  • Contact Apple – If you can fix this issue by yourself, then you should contact Apple. It may be a hardware malfunction that is preventing the activation, and only Apple can fix it.

These are the possible solution to fix the ‘Can’t Activate iPhone with iCloud‘ Issue.

I hope that after reading this article, you solve your issue and successfully activated your iPhone.


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