Best Tips to Improve your iPhone Battery Life 2016

iphone battery life

iOS devices, especially iPhone, is one of the most used gadgets from people around the world. But when it comes to battery life, it is never enough. My iPhone 6 can’t even last one day. And I use it mostly for calls, messages, emails, web & social networks. Imagine if I use my iPhone 6 to play games or use different apps. The 10% pop-up would be always in my device home screen. But in recent weeks, I have tried to improve my iPhone battery life by doing some experimenting with different settings. And I finally found the best settings to improve my iPhone Battery Life and to not damage my daily use.

How to improve your iPhone Battery Life in 2016?

I charge my iOS device every night, before I go to sleep. Then in the morning, i have a fully charged battery to use it all day. If you have problems with your iOS device, like I had when I first bought an Apple device than follow the tips I will write down below.

1. Fix your brightness settings.

I think if you have searched how to improve iPhone battery life than the first tip you have read everywhere is to adjust your brightness. Make use of your iPhone’s ambient light sensor. Go to Settings – Brightness and put Auto-Brightness ON. Even if you put your Automatic brightness on, you can still adjust the brightness in different situations if you need it brighter. So, your device will know by itself where should your light be at max or be at min.

iPhone Brightness Settings


2. Limit Notifications.

Every time your iPhone receives a notification, it wakes your iPhone and activates it features. You can limit notifications to only the most important apps you use, so unused games or apps can’t drain your battery. Go to Settings – Notifications and turn off notifications for every app you don’t use or you aren’t interested in.

Notifications Settings

3. Disable spotlight search.

Spotlight Search can be handy sometimes, but it consumes battery life because it constantly updates it search index. Save battery and turn Spotlight Search off by unchecking all data types it can search for under Settings.

Spotlight Search


4. Don’t wait for Auto-Lock to lock your device.

Always lock your device when you are not using it. Don’t wait for Auto-lock to lock your device. Every minute you wait for Auto-Lock to do its job drains your battery. So don’t wait anymore but lock it manually.



5. Disable Location Services.

Don’t leave ON your location services for all your apps. Go to Settings – Privacy – Location Services and turn Off location services for other apps besides Find My iPhone app. Don’t turn off location services for Find My iPhone app because you can lose your iPhone or forget the place where you leave it and you will need location services to find it.

Location Services

6. Fetch less frequently

Fetch less frequently means that your iOS device fetch new data to email less frequently. iPhone email app searches for new email frequently and pushes it to your device as soon as can. This can damage your battery life because makes your device search for new email every minute or so. If you don’t use email a lot or you are not expecting any important email then go to Settings – Mail – Fetch New Data and change it intervals hourly or manually to turn it off and search for new email when you want to do it.

Fetch New Data


7.  Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/LTE when not in use.

All connectivity settings, including WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G/4G and LTE use the battery when are turned on. If you are not using any of above connectivity settings, turn them off, even for a few minutes. You will see an improvement in battery life by turning off any of these settings when you are not using it.

Connectivity Settings


8. Turn Off Parallax and Dynamic Backgrounds.

Parallax and Dynamic backgrounds were introduced in iOS 7 for the first time and since then have been part of iOS Features. Parallax effect is kind of 3D effect to the background. It’s just a cool effect and doesn’t have any function in your device. If you can live without it, you can disable it by going to Settings- General – Accessibility.

Parallax Effect


9. Disable Apps Auto-Updating.

iOS 7 introduced the auto-updating feature for the App Store. This feature updates your apps automatically without your permission. You can disable it by going to Settings – iTunes & App Store and turn off automatic downloads.

Auto-Update Apps


10. Buy an extended battery pack.

This isn’t exactly a tip for your device but is an alternative solution if you have bad habits with your device battery. You can buy an extended battery pack online or in any mobile shop near you. You can grab a bargain with a 15 $ battery pack which can improve your iPhone experience a lot. There is battery pack with beautiful cases integrated into it. If you are interested, just Google it and you will find a lot of options.


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If you want to know what apps are consuming your battery most, you can go to Settings – General – Usage – Battery Usage and you will find detailed info about the battery consumption. This feature is only for iOS 8. If you are in iOS 7, you can go to App Store. There are plenty of apps which show you detailed information for battery consumption.


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