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This post is dedicated to Safari Downloader Tweak. But before we jump to this tweak we all know that iOS comes with Safari as it official browser. Apple has used Safari as their browser since the beginning of the company. Since the first version, this browser is improved so much. Safari is one of the most used browser for mobile devices. But ,sometimes The iOS OS often doesn’t allow users to do what they want. The same thing is with Safari browser in iPhone/iPad/iPod. It doesn’t give users total freedom like the Android does. So, if you want to download something on your iPhone, it doesn’t allow you. I am going to learn you how to download videos/files/images etc in your Safari Browser with safari downloader tweak.

To make this method work, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. If you don’t know how, follow these guides.

After jailbreak is complete, you have Cydia in your device, which gives you the ability to dominate iOS and customize almost everything in it. You can install tweaks, themes, apps etc. with Cydia. You can transform your standard Safari Browser into a fully working with a lot of new features browser.

When you try to download something in safari you get the message ” safari cannot download this file “. You can fix this error with a simple Cydia Tweak which make possible to download files in your iPhone Browser.

Let’s begin!

Best Safari Downloader Tweak iOS 8

Basically, this tweak adds the ability to download and manage files inside safari.

1. Safari Downloader +

To make this method work, you will must jailbreak your device in order to have Cydia and install tweaks in your device. Safari Downloader + is a very powerful and useful tweak which adds many features to stock iphone browser. It is available for all devices ( iPhone, iPad, iPod ) running iOS 7 & iOS 8. The iOS 6 users must use another tweak since this one is not compatible with iOS 6.

After installation of this tweak you get download manager, file manager, video downloader manager and file importer.

Safari Downloader + Features :

  1. Large and fully customisable list of supported file types.
  2. Control the number of current downloads in the queue.
  3. Badge Notification with number of downloads in progress.
  4. In app preview of common file types ( images, pdf, videos, RTF, CSV etc. )
  5. You can change user agent to desktop version
  6. Private Browsing Mode
  7. Import files to different places

To get this tweak for free, you should add this repo in Cydia : . This is a paid tweak but you can get it for free from hacked repos.

2. Safari Downloader Enabler

If the first tweak doesn’t work in your iPhone or you don’t like it for different reasons, then you have a second method. The second tweak is called Safari Downloader Enabler which is as amazing as the first one. This tweak doesn’t have some many features like the first one but still has the basic features to download files in safari. 

You can get this tweak from Cydia. Just search for it in Search Tab and install it.

This is the post about Safari Downloader iOS 8 version. If you have any problem or question, write it down below in comment section.

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